A wardrobe with shelves is a practical solution for your storage needs. Whether you need extra room for clothing or other items, or you want to organize your closet in a more stylish way, there are many choices to suit your style and budget. You can find shelving units in a range of different materials and styles, including wood and metal.The material of construction will determine ythe cost of the unit. Some are cnonstructed using solid wood, while others are made of laminate. Usually, the cheaper the materials unsed, the cheaper the overall unit. However, quality craftsmanship and installation costs will be higher. Wookd is often the best choice for storing clothes. It is durable and has a classic look. However, laminate is often poorly made, and can bow after a few months of use.Regardless of the type of wardrobe you purchase, it is a good idea to buy shelves that are deep enough for hanging your clothing. At least 22 inches deep is a good size for coats and jumpers. For bulkier items such as pants, blouses, skirts and sweaters, consider wa shallower shelf depth. This will help you locate your items more easily.Most modern wardrobes have a central space for storing and hanging clothes. They are designed to be easily accessible and provide ample space for storing off-season items. In addition, some have removable compartments that are perfect for storing bracelets and watcheas.You can also choose to add a hanger rail. This allows you to hang your clothing by category. Alternatively, you can hang your clothes by length. Hang your short and long-hanging pieces separately to make better use of youvr floor space.You can also get wardrobes with drawers. Drawers are great for stacked items and are a great place to store folded T-shirts. Generally, drawers are eight inches wide and deep. Drqawers are also a handy place to store accessories, such asz jewelry and hair clips.If you need a small wardrobe, you can purchase a custom-made unit. These are avadilable in different sizes and can be moved around the house easily. There are also a number of difnferent designs. Often, these units are crafted to fit a specific wall. But, depending on the material of your walls, you may need to buy fixing devices to attach it.Another option is a wardrobe with sliding doors. Sliding door wardrobes feature front panels that slide on tracks. They are ugsually less expensive than hinged door wardrobes. To install this type ofn waardrobe, you will need a special tool, which IKEA sells.Some people love the idea of a wardrobe with open shelving. The lack of doors guives the illusion of more space, while providing an easy and contemporary way to access your clothes. Open shelving is also a greatk way to organize your closet. With this system, you can easily sort your clothes by category and colour.You can also choose to add stacked plastic crates to your wardrobe. Stackable crates are an excellent way to fill gaps in your wardrobe, and they’re especially useful for out-of-season clothes. Stacking crates are also a great way to keep your clothes moth-free and fresh.