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Top 15 April Fools Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Find out how to run a fun and unique April Fools email campaign and why it makes a good addition to your marketing strategy, and see expert examples.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
Natalie Stenge
Edited by Natalie Stenge

Updated November 20, 2023.

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Comic relief and business may seem like polar opposites. But every now and then, making your audience smile is a way to build connection, showcase your brand, and...sell more. For instance, a well-written, fun April Fools email can put a smile on your customers' faces and help you build the kind of brand affinity your business needs.

You can't just email a bad joke and call it a prank, though. Successful April Fools email campaigns are well-timed, on-brand, and almost always come with a compelling call-to-action.

Bringing all these elements together is no parlor trick, either – so if you're looking for examples and inspiration for your next April Fools email, you're in the right place, 'cause this is exactly what we'll show you in this article.

Put on your jester hat and let's roll with it.

Pros and cons of using humor in an April Fools email campaign

Humor is a funny thing – it can make or break relationships, it's deeply embedded in human nature, and... it can help you position your brand for more sales. Especially when it comes to April Fool's Day email campaigns.

To ensure your target audience gets the pun, you need to make sure they're ready to hear it – and for that to happen, you, the email marketer, need to be fully aware of the pros and cons of running April Fools campaigns like a pro.

Here's what you need to know.

Advantages of an April Fool’s campaign

We all love a good Fool's Day prank idea, but for your email message to be taken the right way, you need to take business advantages into consideration. Good April Fool's joke emails

Are engaging and shareable

Humor can captivate your audience and make them want to share the content with others. An April Fool's email campaign that brings a smile to recipients' faces is more likely to be forwarded, increasing brand visibility and potentially expanding your reach.

Make brands relatable

When a brand shows a sense of humor, it becomes more relatable to its target audience. April Fool's campaigns provide an opportunity to showcase your brand's personality and connect with customers more personally, strengthening brand affinity.

Build brand trust

Humor can be an effective tool to build trust with customers. Demonstrating a lighthearted side through April Fool's Day jokes shows that you are willing to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. This can create a positive perception of the brand and foster trust among customers.

Get customers’ attention

In a cluttered digital landscape, standing out is crucial. April Fool's email campaigns offer a unique opportunity to grab customers' attention with unexpected and humorous content. By leveraging humor effectively, you can cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression in customers' minds.


Disadvantages of an April Fool’s campaign

While April Fool's email campaigns can be highly effective, there are potential downsides to consider:

Misinterpretation and backlash

Humor is subjective, and what may seem funny to some could be offensive or misunderstood by others. It's important to carefully consider the tone and content of an April Fool's campaign to avoid any unintended negative consequences. Inappropriate or insensitive jokes can lead to backlash, damaging brand reputation and customer relationships.

To avoid turning April Fool's Day campaigns into a PR battlefield, be aware of the difference between funny emails used as marketing strategies and bad jokes blasted to an email list not primed for this kind of communication. In other words, keep your target audience in mind and be mindful of sensitive topics.

Distraction from the core message

The primary objective of any marketing campaign is to convey a message or promote a product or service. If the humor in an April Fool's campaign overshadows the core message, it can lead to confusion or a missed opportunity to communicate effectively with the audience.

Remember: each email marketing campaign you hit "Send" on should build on your narrative, not play on trends just for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. Your email subscribers have specific expectations of you. An off-brand, poorly-timed jokey email might distract them.

Limited shelf life

April Fool's campaigns are typically time-sensitive, centered around April 1st. While this can create a sense of urgency and excitement, it also means that the campaign's impact may be short-lived. Once the day has passed, the content may lose relevance, and the investment in creating the campaign may not yield long-term benefits.

It is worth mentioning the same goes for every other holiday-themed email campaign in your calendar: from winter holidays to St. Patrick's, Halloween, and back, there's a time and a place for celebration, fun, and email marketing ideas centered on specific tropes. When you include such email blast campaigns in your overall strategy, you take full responsibility for their short-lived nature.

60 email subject line ideas for April Fool’s emails

Your email subject line is where you hook your target audience – so if you want to make sure they'll get the joke (and click your call to action button), invest time in crafting attention-grabbing subject lines.

Here are some subject lines you could use for inspiration:

  1. "Get ready for a laugh: Our April Fool's surprise is here!"
  2. "You'll giggle your way to the shopping cart with these offers!"
  3. "Our April Fool's day deals are no joke."
  4. "We don't joke around with discounts."
  5. "Hurry up, Special Sales for April's Fools. No Jokes Included"
  6. "Don't be fooled, our deals are real!"
  7. "We've got a prank up our sleeve, but the discounts are no joke!"
  8. "April 1st is no laughing matter for your savings!"
  9. "A fool's errand? Not with our amazing offers!"
  10. "Unleash your inner prankster with our April Fool's specials!"
  11. "Trick or treat? We've got treats you won't believe!"
  12. "April Fool's fun starts now - check out our hilarious deals!"
  13. "We've got something up our sleeves... and it's not a joke!"
  14. "This April Fool's Day, our sales are rolling in with the punch lines"
  15. "Don't fall for tricks, but do grab our limited-time offers!"
  16. "Tickle your funny bone with our April Fool's surprises!"
  17. "Funny, you'll never see this great a deal on [COMPANYNAME]"
  18. "Enter this April 1st discount code to Get 20% Off"
  19. "Laughter guaranteed: Our April Fool's deals will crack you up!"
  20. "We're playing a trick... on high prices!"
  21. "Expect the unexpected: Our April Fool's sale is here!"
  22. "Our pranks are funny, but our discounts are no joke!"
  23. "No fooling around: Massive discounts await you!"
  24. "Don't be the fool who misses out on our April Fool's sale!"
  25. "Laugh your way to savings with our April Fool's offers!"
  26. "Ready for a good laugh? Our April Fool's deals won't disappoint!"
  27. "Who needs jokes when our discounts are this real?"
  28. "This is no joke: Our April Fool's sale is on fire!"
  29. "A prank that pays off: Save big this April Fool's Day!"
  30. "April Fool's is here, and so are our unbeatable prices!"
  31. "Discover the surprise behind this email - it's no trick!"
  32. "Limited-time laughs: April Fool's deals you can't resist!"
  33. "Our April Fool's sale is no joke - save big on [product/service]!"
  34. "Expect the unexpected: Our April Fool's specials are now live!"
  35. "Get ready for a wild ride - our April Fool's offers are hilarious!"
  36. "Prank your wallet with our amazing April Fool's discounts!"
  37. "We're not joking around: Massive savings await you!"
  38. "Don't let the jokes fool you - our prices are seriously low!"
  39. "April Fool's fun starts now - check out our unbelievable deals!"
  40. "Ready for a surprise? Our April Fool's sale will blow your mind!"
  41. "Don't be fooled by others - our April Fool's specials are the real deal!"
  42. "Funny business ahead: Our April Fool's savings will make you smile!"
  43. "This April Fool's, we're giving you the last laugh with unbeatable offers!"
  44. "Get pranked with amazing savings this April Fool's Day!"
  45. "Discover the hidden discounts behind this April Fool's email!"
  46. "It's no joke: Our April Fool's sale is here, and it's epic!"
  47. "Laughter is the best savings: Our April Fool's deals are a riot!"
  48. "Expect the unexpected: Our April Fool's offers will leave you in stitches!"
  49. "Fool or wise shopper? Our April Fool's sale is your chance to decide!"
  50. "This April Fool's, we're bringing the fun back into savings!"
  51. "Don't be fooled by high prices - our April Fool's special discounts are real!"
  52. "Our April Fool's deals are so good, you won't believe your eyes!"
  53. "Unleash your inner prankster with our hilarious April 1st offers!"
  54. "Get ready for laughs and savings: Our April Fool's specials are here!"
  55. "This is no joke: Our April Fool's sale will blow you away!"
  56. "Get pranked with unbeatable deals this April Fool's Day!"
  57. "April Fool's fun starts now: Check out our side-splitting offers!"
  58. "We're playing a trick on our finance team with this sale"
  59. "Knock, Knock, who's there? The biggest discount of the year is who!"
  60. "There's April's Fools on our tools. Get 'em at 10% off only today"

How to run an April Fools' Day campaign that works

There's no set recipe for running April 1st campaigns that drive sales, don't backlash, and help your brand attract loyal customers. However, some general best practices will help you stay on top of the jokes – and deliver results with your next humorous email.

Be lighthearted and playful

Embrace the spirit of April Fool's Day by injecting humor into your emails. Use funny subject lines, witty copy, or even create fictional products or offers that playfully poke fun at your industry. However, ensure that the humor aligns with your brand voice and values to maintain professionalism.

Clearly indicate it's an April Fool's Day campaign

Avoid any confusion by explicitly stating that the email is part of an April Fool's Day campaign. Use phrases like "April Fool's Day Special" or "This email is all in good fun" in the subject line or within the email itself. Transparency will help prevent any misunderstandings or frustration from your recipients.

Don't mislead or deceive

While humor is key, it's crucial to avoid crossing the line into deception. Ensure that your email doesn't contain misleading information or false claims that could confuse or upset your audience. Be creative with your jokes, but always maintain integrity and honesty.

Offer real benefits or promotions

To drive sales, include genuine offers, discounts, or promotions in your April Fool's email. While the tone may be light-hearted, the incentives you provide should be real and valuable to your customers. Balancing humor with actual benefits can help you generate excitement and increase conversions.

Segment your audience

Consider segmenting your email list based on customer preferences and previous engagement to ensure your April Fool's campaign is well-received. For example, some subscribers might appreciate humor more than others. By targeting specific segments, you can tailor the tone and content of your emails to match their preferences, minimizing the risk of backlash.

Avoid sensitive or controversial content

While humor can be subjective, it's important to exercise caution when it comes to sensitive topics or controversial issues. Avoid making jokes or references that could potentially offend or upset your audience. Be mindful of cultural, political, or social sensitivities, and ensure that your April Fool's campaign remains light-hearted and inclusive.

15 Fool's Day email examples to inspire you

Jonathan Adler, extending sales past April 1st


Pepsi, always Coca-Cola


Poo-Pourri's fake product prank


Kipling's foolish discount GIF


J. Crew's simple, yet effective "no joke" email


Alternative Apparel's to-the-point April 1st joke-free splashy discount


Grammarly's educational April 1st


Deliveroo's telepathic ordering joke


TaskRabbit's... adorable bunnies


Duolingo's cheeky promise


The Protein Works' diet meal replacements you wish existed


Old Time Candy's sweet mad libs


King Arthur Flour's seriously fun recipes


Framebridge's honest joke


Are April Fools email campaigns right for your business?

April 1st email content can be a powerful tool for internet marketers to engage their audience, build brand trust, and create memorable experiences. After all, what better way to get your subscribers from "click" to "buy", other than by making them smile?

Yet, jokes have to be handled with care. From the eye-catching subject line to the color palette and witty tone, every single element of your Fool's Day emails has to be on brand, sensitive, and focused on creating a pleasant, joyful user experience. Rolling in with the "haha’s" is not worth it if your seemingly harmless joke land on the wrong tone of voice.