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Best March Madness Email Ideas + 115 Slam Dunk Subject Lines

March Madness email campaigns are an important way to delight your readers. Don't miss these important stats, expert ideas, and steal-worthy subject line ideas.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
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Updated November 20, 2023.

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March Madness can be about more than the thrilling college basketball tournament. It can also be an excellent opportunity for businesses to score big with their email marketing strategies.

Leveraging the energy and excitement of this annual event can help your business score big with customers and win their attention and repeat business.

Not sure where to start? In this guide, we'll explore various March Madness email marketing ideas and top tips to ensure your campaign's success.


March madness email campaign ideas

March Madness might seem like the kind of event restricted to basketball fans – but it doesn't have to be. Sure, it will resonate more with those who are into basketball games, but there are ways to make it relevant to a more extensive customer segment, not just sports fans. As a general rule, if someone is likely to have at least some basic basketball knowledge (and be aware of the tournament), they'll likely respond well.

Here are some examples of how this is done:


Offering discounts during March Madness can spark enthusiasm and entice customers to buy from you. Make sure to tie these discounts to the tournament excitement to drive more engagement. For example, you can offer tiered discounts based on the tournament's progress, providing a higher discount as the stakes rise.

Even if some people in your audience don't have a favorite team, they'll appreciate the discount, which can turn into a really successful email marketing campaign.

Themed emails

Infuse the spirit of the tournament into your emails by using basketball-themed designs, terminology, puns, or visuals related to the teams or games. Create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere within your emails to capture your audience's attention.

For example, you can design your "new products" emails to resemble a basketball court, with clickable elements representing shots at the hoop that reveal special discounts. Or keep it simple by using basketball emojis highlighting your offers.


Go with the bracket theme

Leverage the March Madness bracket excitement by creating your themed bracket contest. Encourage your subscribers to predict the winners and offer incentives for correct guesses. Offer something extra for the perfect bracket for when a participant gets all the guesses right.

Send regular updates about the March Madness bracket to keep engagement levels high throughout the tournament. Offer bonus points or discounts for correct upset or bracket winner predictions to incentivize people even more.

Here are some additional bracket ideas you should consider:

  • Send a 'Bracket Opening' email inviting subscribers to join your bracket contest.
  • Provide 'Top Picks' emails, suggesting popular bracket choices.
  • Offer 'Half-time Analysis' emails during the tournament, analyzing bracket performance and suggesting adjustments.
  • Send a 'Victory Lap' email to congratulate the winners of your bracket contest.
  • Create a 'Next Season Prep' email, inviting participants to sign up early for the next year's bracket contest.
  • Create a "Bracket Pool" email, inviting subscribers to join your bracket pool and compete with others for discounts and prizes.

Focus on the local universities

Tailor your emails to the local universities or teams in your area, showing support and aligning your brand with the community's excitement. This can create a personal touch and make the local audience feel more invested in your company.

Consider partnering with local businesses or universities to offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and/or company swag for their supporters.

St. Patrick’s merge

Combine the St. Patrick's Day campaign with March Madness to create a unique, attention-grabbing email campaign. Offer themed discounts or promotions and incorporate elements of luck and excitement to make your subscribers feel they've found a treasure.

National Women’s History Month merge

March is also National Women's History Month, so you can incorporate this event into your March Madness campaign. You can, for example, celebrate the contributions of female athletes and coaches by featuring them in your emails. You can also focus on their stories, successes, and challenges.


Spring cleaning merge

March tends to be a busy month for individuals and companies alike. In between March Madness, National Women's History Month, and St. Patrick's, spring cleaning is a universal task most people can resonate with.

So, if basketball is really not your target audience's thing, you can offer cleaning or organizing tips related to the concept of a "clean slate" for the tournament. Use this angle to showcase your products or services. Create a sense of renewal and tie it into your products, suggesting a fresh start or a "clean sweep" with your offerings.

Top 7 tips for a successful March Madness campaign

To ensure your March Madness email campaign wins the championship and helps you reach your company goals,

Set clear goals

Clearly define what you want to achieve with your campaign, whether it's increasing sales, boosting engagement, or growing your subscriber list. Align these goals with the spirit and energy of March Madness.

Make it relevant to March Madness

Infuse basketball-themed elements into your emails to align with the spirit of the tournament. Use basketball terminology, colors, and excitement in your design and content.


Personalize emails

Address your subscribers by their names and tailor your content based on their preferences and behavior. Consider sending personalized brackets or game predictions based on their past interactions with your brand.

A/B test your campaigns

Experiment with different elements like subject lines and offers to determine what resonates best with your audience:

Subject lines

Test personalization, discounts, numbers, and emojis to find the most effective approach.

Email content

Experiment with various content styles, lengths, and calls to action to understand what engages your audience the most.

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Experiment with dollar discounts, percentage discounts, free shipping, and free gifts to identify the most appealing incentives.

Avoid using these words

St. Patrick's, the International Women's History Month, and spring cleaning aren't protected by copyright laws, so you can use these terms freely. However, that is not the case with March Madness, as the NCAA (the collegiate sports governing body) has trademarked a series of terms related to March Madness – so it's best to avoid using them if you don't want to run into legal issues.

The terms to avoid are:

  • The Big Dance
  • March Madness
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Elite Eight
  • Final Four

Thankfully, you can get creative with these terms and avoid trademark infringement matters. You can, for example, refer to the basketball tournament, brackets, basketball games in general, and so on. Check out the NCAA list of trademarked terms to ensure you don't infringe on any trademark. Also, keep in mind the March Madness and NCAA logos are also trademarked, so avoid using them too. You can, however, use basketball images, brackets, and so on.

Have fun… really!

Let your creativity and enthusiasm shine through your emails. Enjoy the process and let it reflect in your communication – chances are this is one of the most entertaining campaigns you'll plan and execute all year, so make the most out of it. Your audience will feel your enthusiasm.

Get creative with subject lines

Craft catchy and engaging subject lines to grab your subscribers' attention. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Discount-driven subject lines

  1. "Score big savings: Mad deals inside!"
  2. "March alert: Slam dunk discounts await! ⛹️"
  3. "March into savings madness: Unbeatable discounts revealed!"
  4. "Your winning shot 🏀: Exclusive discounts!"
  5. "Dribble, drive, and save: March discounts just for you!"
  6. "Buzzer beater deals: Basketball bonanza discounts ending soon!"
  7. "March fever: Dunk into discount delights!"
  8. "Three-pointer discounts for a winning March 🏀! "
  9. "Fast break to savings: Mad discounts unleashed!"
  10. "Full-court discounts: March 🏀 edition!"
  11. "March magic: Score savings galore ⛹️!"
  12. "Tip-off to terrific savings: March discount code alert!"
  13. "March showdown 🏀: Discounts vs. full price – who wins?"
  14. "Huddle up for March 🏀 discounts!"
  15. "Game 🏀 time deals: Spectacular discounts this March!"
  16. "Bracket busting discounts 🏀: It's sales madness unleashed"
  17. "Slam dunk savings: The March ⛹️ edition!"
  18. "Hoops & discounts: the event starts now!"
  19. "Fast break savings: March deals for every fan!"
  20. "March ⛹️ special: Score double discounts today!"
  21. "Three-point play: Unbelievable discounts for March!"
  22. "Swish! March discounts swooshing your way!"
  23. "Buzzworthy baskets: Unwrap March ⛹️ discounts today!"

Subject lines that incentivize bookings

  1. "Book your spot and score big during the basketball bonanza!"
  2. "March booking bonanza ⛹️: Reserve now, save more!"
  3. "Fast break to great deals: Book today for the basketball bonanza!"
  4. "Score your reservation: Basketball bonanza specials await!"
  5. "Slam dunk savings on bookings 🏀: Act now for sales madness!"
  6. "Book early, win big: March exclusive deals!"
  7. "Full-court press for bookings: March 🏀 edition!"
  8. "Book now, cheer later 🏀: March savings are here!"
  9. "March into savings: Secure your booking for the win!"
  10. "Huddle up and book: Basketball bonanza discounts await!"
  11. "Book your victory lap: March 🏀 deals inbound!"
  12. "Champion bookings 🏀 await: the discounts are in court!"
  13. "March reservations are out: Dribble in for exclusive offers!"
  14. "Book a win: Basketball fan specials for savvy planners!"
  15. "Book it to the hoop: Unbeatable March offers inside!"
  16. "No timeout on savings: Book now for mad wins!"
  17. "Book smart, save big: the booking extravaganza is in court"
  18. "Win the booking game: March 🏀 deals just a click away!"
  19. "Fast break to bargains: Roll the 🏀 and !"
  20. "March bookings are here: Your shot at incredible discounts!"
  21. "Book and win: the basketball bonanza edition!"
  22. "March booking frenzy: Don't miss out on the action!"
  23. "Dunk on the best deals: Secure your March booking!"

Personalized subject lines

  1. "Hey [first name], your [favorite team] discounts await!"
  2. "Is [favorite player's name] your lucky charm? Unlock exclusive deals!"
  3. "[first name], join our basketball bonanza party and support [customer's city] teams!"
  4. "It's madness out there, [first name]! Your [favorite team] deals are here!"
  5. "Dribble in, [first name]! Predict [favorite team]'s victory for special offers!"
  6. "[first name], score big like [favorite player] with our mad deals!"
  7. "Hustle hard, [first name]! Your [favorite team] mad perks inside!"
  8. "Bracket ready, [first name]? Bet on [favorite team] and win sweet deals!"
  9. "Cheer loud, [first name]! Our March deals are [favorite team]-approved!"
  10. "Hi [first name], slam dunk your shopping basket with [favorite team] vibes!"
  11. "Triple-double fun, [first name]! Celebrate this basketball bonanza with [favorite team]!"
  12. "[first name], time to shoot your shot: pick [favorite team] for exclusive savings!"
  13. "Beat the buzzer, [first name]! March discounts tailored for [favorite team] fans!"
  14. "Go for a layup, [first name]! [favorite team]'s mad-good deals await you!"
  15. "Fast break, [first name]! Pick [favorite team] and score discounts!"
  16. "In the paint with [first name]: celebrate the basketball bonanza and [favorite team] wins!"
  17. "[first name], are you ready to rep [favorite team]? Unleash mad-good savings!"
  18. "March mania, [first name]! Your exclusive [favorite team] discounts inside!"
  19. "Hey hoops enthusiast, [first name]! Rock [favorite team]'s colors with our deals!"
  20. "Power forward, [first name]! Show your [favorite team] pride with these March offers!"
  21. "Three-pointer alert, [first name]! Mad-good savings tailored to [favorite team] fans!"
  22. "Full-court press, [first name]! Score big with [favorite team] March deals!"
  23. "[first name], is [favorite team] your MVP? Secure your discounts now!"

Fun subject lines

  1. "Balls, baskets, and blarney: get your basketball fiesta green on!"
  2. "Warning: leprechauns and layups lurking in the basketball frenzy!"
  3. "Basketball or broomstick: juggling the basketball extravaganza and spring tidying!"
  4. "Shamrocks, slam dunks, and shenanigans: the hoops hullabaloo is here!"
  5. "Confessions of a couch leprechaun: my basketball gala strategy revealed!"
  6. "Brace yourself for the slam-dunk spectacle: dustpans and dribbles await!"
  7. "March hares and the basketball jamboree: a mad tea party of hoops!"
  8. "Cinderella story or spring cleaning spree? You decide!"
  9. "In a relationship with my bracket and spring cleaning: it's complicated!"
  10. "Dunk like no one's watching: a spring cleaning memoir of the basketball extravaganza!"
  11. "Breaking news: local hero wins the slam-dunk leprechaun award!"
  12. "Warning: the basketball bonanza ahead, may cause sudden green shouting at the TV!"
  13. "Basketball or bust: the dunk-tastic fete and broomstick edition!"
  14. "Three-pointers and three-piece pizza: a match made in basketball carnival heaven!"
  15. "Caution: high levels of green hysteria detected - the hoops hullabaloo strikes!"
  16. "Bracketology 101: how to make picks while pretending to spring clean!"
  17. "Epic bracket fails and epic spring cleaning tales: a comedy show starring the slam-dunk extravaganza!"
  18. "Fan-tastic and friar-tuck-tastic: your basketball gala spring cleaning adventure begins!"
  19. "The hoopla around hoops and spring cleaning shenanigans: a comedy of the slam-dunk fete errors!"
  20. "Behind the scenes of the hoops hullabaloo: where mascots moonlight as spring cleaners!"
  21. "Brace for impact: the slam-dunk spectacle mania set to tackle your closet and your inbox!"
  22. "The 'no judgment zone': how I celebrate the slam-dunk soiree and honor women's history!"
  23. "Madness, mayhem, and mascot mishaps: a hilarious hoops journey through spring cleaning!"

March Madness: An opportunity to connect

March Madness may not be everyone's hook, but if you spin it correctly, tournament brackets can turn into major wins for your business. This is particularly so if you run eCommerce email marketing campaigns, but not only!

Stay creative and make your campaign actually an interesting proposition even for those who might not be into March Madness, basketball, or any of the other March events, like Women's History Month and Saint Patrick's, for example.

Remember to segment your audience and make offers meaningful and attractive to each segment, make the most out of your email tool's marketing automation features, and, most importantly, have fun. As mentioned before, this might just be one of the most creatively generous campaigns of the year, so go all in!

Need help with your email marketing? Contact Mayple and we'll match you with a vetted email marketer in a matter of days!