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Mother's Day Email, Done Right (+85 Email & Subject Line Examples)

Want to create a successful Mother's Day email campaign? Here's your guide to making it unforgettable.

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler
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Updated November 29, 2023.

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In 2023 alone, Americans spent $35.7 billion on Mother's Day gifts.

If you run an eCommerce and your product categories are fit for the occasion, you definitely want to create Mother's Day email campaigns that tap into the opportunity and celebrate the incredible women in our lives.

How to do it in an empathetic way that builds solid customer relationships and gets the cash flow into your cash register too?

Let's look at some best practices and inspiring examples to get you going.

How to Build an Empathetic Mother's Day Campaign

Mother's Day should be about celebrating and appreciating the moms in our lives - but it should also be empathetic toward the different categories of women who may or may not celebrate Mother's Day.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind:

Make sure there's an opt-out

Respecting your subscribers' preferences is paramount. Include a clear and prominent opt-out option in your Mother's Day email to allow individuals to unsubscribe easily if they find the occasion difficult or have personal reasons for not participating. This ensures a positive user experience and demonstrates your brand's commitment to customer choice and privacy.


Offer gift ideas

Assist your audience in finding the perfect gift for their moms by providing thoughtful and creative gift ideas. Showcase a range of products or services that align with your brand and are relevant to the occasion -- and make sure you bring fantastic deals to the table too. This will simplify decision-making and offer valuable assistance to your subscribers.

Focus on the benefits

While it's important to highlight the features of your products or services, focusing on the benefits they offer to mothers can create a more compelling message. Emphasize how your offerings can enhance mothers' lives, whether it's by saving time, creating cherished memories, or providing relaxation and self-care. By showcasing the positive impact your products can have, you connect with your online shoppers on an emotional level.

Personalize your emails

Personalization is a powerful tool for building connections with your subscribers. Utilize customer data from your CRM system to personalize your Mother's Day emails with recipient names, previous purchase history, or other relevant details. Addressing your subscribers directly and acknowledging their individuality makes them feel valued and understood.

Use a bit of humor

Injecting a touch of humor into your Mother's Day email can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for recipients. Consider including witty anecdotes, playful imagery, or funny quotes related to motherhood.

However, ensure your humor aligns with your brand's tone and resonates with the preferences of your target audience. Humor can create a positive emotional connection and make your email stand out -- but if you don't treat it with caution, it can also backfire, so remember to tread carefully.


Include all types of motherhood

Mother's Day is not limited to biological mothers alone. When you represent diverse experiences, you show empathy and respect for the varied paths to motherhood -- so recognize and celebrate all forms of motherhood in your campaign.

Acknowledge adoptive mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and mother figures -- in short, the incredible women that shape futures daily. When you are inclusive of the different categories of women celebrated on Mother's Day, you create an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone feels welcome.

Create a sense of urgency

Encourage your subscribers to take action by creating a sense of urgency in your Mother's Day email. Put out limited-time offers (like bundle deals or subscriber-exclusive deals) and include countdown timers to emphasize that time is running out. This strategy can instill a fear of missing out (FOMO) and prompt immediate engagement and conversions.

Spend time on your subject line and preview text

Craft compelling subject lines and preview text that entices recipients to open your email. Use emotive language, curiosity, or offers to capture attention and stand out in a crowded inbox. The subject line is the gateway to your email, so invest time in creating a captivating and enticing hook that compels your subscribers to click and explore further.

Use social proof

Leverage the power of social proof by incorporating testimonials, reviews, or user-generated content in your Mother's Day email. Showcase positive experiences from satisfied online shoppers who have purchased your products or used your services. This builds trust, establishes credibility, and instills confidence in your brand.

Pro tip: Looking for the right tool to add social proof to your email campaigns? check out our guide to the best email tools for eCommerce.

Include a coupon code

Reward your subscribers with a special coupon code or discount exclusive to your Mother's Day campaign. This not only incentivizes shoppers to make a purchase but also makes them feel appreciated for being part of your email list.

Offer free shipping

Remove potential buying barriers by offering free shipping for Mother's Day orders. This value-added service can motivate your audience to choose your brand over competitors, especially when time is of the essence. Free shipping is an attractive proposition that can tip the scales in your favor when online shoppers decide what to get their mothers.

Run a contest

Drive engagement and excitement by running a Mother's Day-themed contest. Encourage participation through user-generated content, such as sharing heartwarming stories or pictures celebrating their moms. This fosters a sense of community, increases brand visibility, and generates buzz.

Design Tips for Your Mother's Day Email

Your Mother’s Day email should stand out from the crowded inboxes of your subscribers. Here are some design tips to help you create memorable Mother's Day email designs that drive action and help your customers connect with your brand.

Maintain your brand identity

Ensure that your Mother's Day email design aligns with your overall brand identity. Consistency in colors, fonts, and visual elements creates a cohesive and recognizable experience for your subscribers. Use your brand's distinctive style and tone to reinforce your brand's presence.

Use blank space and soft colors

Create an aesthetically pleasing and calming email design. Use ample white space and soft, pastel colors. This approach can evoke a sense of tranquility and elegance, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your campaign. Choose colors that align with your brand and the emotions you want to evoke.

Use high-quality images

Images play a vital role in capturing attention and evoking emotions. Include high-quality, visually appealing images in your Mother's Day email that resonate with your brand and the essence of motherhood. Professionally captured photographs or illustrations can significantly improve the impact of your message. Ensure the images are relevant, emotionally compelling, and aligned with your brand's style.

Always test your email before you hit "send"

Test your email automation across different devices, email clients, and browsers. This ensures that your design is responsive, all elements are displayed correctly, and the user experience remains consistent for all recipients. Testing helps you identify and address design or rendering issues before the email reaches your subscribers.

70 inspiring subject line ideas for your Mother's Day email

Your email subject line is one of the most important elements of your Mother's Day email marketing campaign: it will determine open rates, click-through rates, and the overall success of your email. As general rules to writing good Mother's Day email subject lines, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep it short, to the point, and engaging
  • Personalize the subject line with the recipient's name or interest
  • Incorporate keywords that are relevant to Mother's Day
  • Avoid using all caps or excessive punctuation
  • Don't be afraid to get creative, but make sure you stick to your tone of voice guidelines

Here are some examples you could use for inspiration:

  1. Celebrating the wonder of motherhood
  2. Show your love: Mother's Day gift ideas inside
  3. Honoring the superheroes in our lives: Happy Mother's Day!
  4. Mom, you're the heartbeat of our family
  5. Sending love and gratitude to all the amazing moms
  6. The perfect Mother's Day surprise awaits!
  7. A day to celebrate the queen of our hearts: Happy Mother's Day!
  8. Making memories with mom: your gift guide for 2024
  9. You're the reason we celebrate
  10. Warmest wishes for a happy Mother's Day
  11. Shower mom with love this Mother's Day
  12. Embrace the joy of motherhood: Happy Mother's Day!
  13. Sweet moments with mom (surprise discount inside)
  14. Mom, you're our guiding light: Happy Mother's Day!
  15. Laugh, love, and celebrate Mother's Day with us!
  16. Forever grateful for your love, mom: Happy Mother's Day
  17. Cherishing the bond of motherhood
  18. Make mom's day extra special: Mother's Day surprises await!
  19. Celebrating the beauty of motherhood
  20. Unleash the love this Mother's Day!
  21. Warm hugs and Mother's Day wishes
  22. A day to celebrate mom: Happy Mother's Day!
  23. A mother's love is forever. Show her your appreciation with this guide
  24. Laughing, caring, and celebrating moms everywhere
  25. Mom, you're our rock: Happy Mother's Day!
  26. Sweet surprises for the sweetest moms: Happy Mother's Day
  27. Honoring the backbone of our family
  28. Celebrate the magic of motherhood this Mother's Day
  29. Laugh, love, and spoil mom this Mother's Day!
  30. Celebrating mom's unconditional love
  31. Because moms deserve the best 🤗
  32. Shower mom with appreciation: 10% coupon code inside
  33. Cheers to the world's best mom!
  34. A toast to all the incredible moms out there: Happy Mother's Day
  35. Laughing, crying, and celebrating motherhood
  36. Sending virtual hugs to all the moms on Mother's Day
  37. Wishing you a day filled with love and joy, mom
  38. Celebrate mom and everything she does: Happy Mother's Day!
  39. Because moms make the world a brighter place: H
  40. Thank you, mom, for being our hero: Happy Mother's Day!
  41. A day to spoil mom: Happy Mother's Day!
  42. Celebrating mom's love and sacrifices: Happy Mother's Day
  43. Sending sunshine and smiles to all the amazing moms
  44. Your Mother's Day gift guide is here [surprise discount inside 🎁]
  45. You're our forever role model, mom: Happy Mother's Day
  46. Shower mom with love and appreciation
  47. Mom, you make our lives blossom 🌸: Happy Mother's Day!
  48. Celebrating the unbreakable bond of motherhood:
  49. Warmest wishes for a beautiful Mother's Day
  50. Because moms deserve the world 🌎
  51. Unlock exclusive discounts for Mother's Day: Limited time only!
  52. Celebrate with savings: Mother's Day coupon codes inside!
  53. Give your mom a day off with this spa voucher
  54. Limited-time offer: Show mom your love with special discounts!
  55. Exclusive Mother's Day deals just for you: Don't miss out!
  56. Spoil mom with our limited-time Mother's Day promotion! ✨
  57. Unlock the best deals for Mother's Day: Coupon codes enclosed!
  58. Celebrate mom with extra savings this Mother's Day!
  59. Last chance for Mother's Day discounts: Shop now and save!
  60. Coupon codes to make Mother's Day extra special: Get yours now!
  61. Don't miss out on our exclusive Mother's Day offers: Limited time!
  62. Celebrate mom with discounts: Happy Mother's Day!
  63. Limited-time discounts to honor moms
  64. Show mom your appreciation with special coupon codes
  65. Exclusive savings for Mother's Day: Don't wait, shop now!
  66. Mom will love this! Grab the discount by midnight.
  67. Mom would look good with these earrings 😊
  68. For all mothers -- a special discount.
  69. Treat your mom to these specials 🤗
  70. Make it an unforgettable day for mom ✨

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15 Mother's Day email examples to help you get creative

Not sure where to start with your Mother's day email campaign? Here are some of the best email marketing campaigns we've for the occasion:

This color-popping, wellbeing-inducing email from Headspace

... Because it boasts such warm, positive vibes!

This yummy invitation from OpenTable

...Because it showcases how to connect your brand and Mother's Day in a way that's actually enticing.


...And this wine invitation from Fitvine

...Because it leads with a tasteful pun without losing sight of the main point: celebration.


Lululemon's warm invite to creating memories

...Because it's such a beautiful way to tell a story and connect your brand to it!


Hawthorne's reassuring reminder

...Because it's soft, perfectly on-brand, and actionable too.


Postable's emotional but subtle message

...Because your message doesn't have to be brassy to be powerful


Aesop's soft, beautifully wrapped Mother's Day promotion

...Because it's a perfect example of how beauty brands can embrace Mother's Day elegantly.


Tuft & Needle's gentle (yet powerful) nudge

...Because they’re hitting the nail on the head so well!


Onsen's undeniably good offer

...Because it's perfectly embedded in the context and drives a very good offer.


Waitrose & Partners’ sensitive approach to Mother's Day

...Because showing empathy can never grow old.


Dunkin Donuts' sweet proposition

...Because it's interactive and, yes, sweet (literally and figuratively.)


Allset's solid plan for Mother's Day

...Because nothing's better than a gift guide when you're running out of ideas.

Apple's smart and thoughtful message

...Because, in typical Apple style, it boasts such a strong, yet simple message!


Godiva's delicious gift guide

...Because it's yet another great example of how well gift guides can be embedded in this type of campaigns.


Kate Spade's aesthetic message

...Because it's so elegant you won't even try to resist it.


Mother's Day campaigns: more than just promotional emails

When rushed, some types of holiday email marketing campaigns can frequently come off as insensitive, overly promotional, or downright insincere.

Such is the case for Mother's Day emails too. To succeed, you have to remind yourself this campaign is not about gift cards and gift guides for potential customers. It’s about email marketing ideas that create real human relationships.

Good Mother's Day email content isn't about throwing promo codes at your email subscribers and calling it a day. It's about addressing the gift-buying indecision, serving last-minute shoppers, and instilling a genuine desire to make it a great, unforgettable day for all our amazing mothers.

So, get creative: build a beautiful email that encapsulates thoughtfulness, positivity, and feeds into beautiful personal stories. It will improve your email marketing strategy and help you build a personable brand.

Need help with your eCommerce email marketing flows and campaigns? Contact Mayple, and we'll connect you with the best email marketing specialist for your niche in a matter of days.