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4 [Free] Social Media Advertising Templates 2024

Social media advertising templates are a great way to keep your strategy running smoothly and consistently. Don't miss our free expert-approved templates today!

Octavia Drexler
By Octavia Drexler

Updated December 14, 2023.


Social media ad spend will reach more than $262 billion by 2028. From banners to Instagram stories and LinkedIn posts, there's a myriad of social media ad formats to choose from. Businesses of all sizes recognize social media marketing's potential to reach their target audiences.

Want to jump the wagon, but not sure where to start? 

We've put together a complete guide to social media templates you need to build a social strategy that gets your brand the attention it deserves. Keep reading and find out more. 

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves using social media platforms and websites to meet marketing objectives around promoting your business, product, or service. eMarketing and digital marketing are also terms used for the same activity, but "social media marketing" has grown to be more common among both academics and marketers. 

Best practices include a campaign planning process, a regular publishing schedule to maintain your brand's social network presence, and carefully monitoring social media performance across platforms, whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.



Why use social media strategy templates?

Social media advertising templates offer significant advantages for businesses looking to maximize their digital marketing efforts to reach their ideal customer. These templates can simply be created on Google docs and provide a strategic and efficient way to create compelling and consistent content across different platforms.

Here are some of the direct benefits you'll get by using a social media advertising template:

Save time

Creating unique content for each social media platform can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you are managing multiple platforms and you're not sure where to start.

A template allows you to easily customize your content to fit each platform's specific requirements without having to start from scratch every time. This is especially true for more popular and time-consuming projects like video script templates. This saves valuable time and resources, helps you build a solid foundation for your social media growth, and allows you to redirect your efforts to other business aspects. 

Unify communications

Having a single source of truth is important for the entire marketing team and company to remain aligned and speak in one voice.

Using a social media advertising template ensures that all your communications are unified and consistent across different platforms, creating a cohesive brand image for your business. You can include branding elements such as brand colors, styles for banners on videos, and ideal social media image sizes.

This also makes it easier for your audience to recognize and engage with your content, even on posts that are published through collaborations and influencer partnerships.

Making reporting easier

When you start with a tried and tested template, you'll better understand what social media efforts work and which don't. This makes it easier to track and measure the success of your campaigns, as well as identify any areas that may need improvement.

You can even create a social media report template so that you can efficiently get the right data for your team to show results. Again, custom Google docs are more than sufficient for this!



Promote collaboration

Social media advertising templates provide a framework for collaboration within your team. By having a shared template, team members can easily contribute ideas and collaborate on content creation, leading to more creative and effective campaigns. This is another area where Google docs come to the rescue, with their robust real-time commenting and editing options.

Boost efficiency

With social media advertising templates, you can streamline your workflow and ensure that all necessary elements are included in your posts. This helps to avoid any last-minute changes or missing important details, and to create a solid foundation for more efficient and effective campaigns. You can also more easily identify gaps in publishing on specific social channels, and ensure that you're implementing an ideal content mix for a rich and authentic online presence.

How to use social media templates

If you decide to use a custom social media template for your business, make sure you take them as they are: blueprints, not recipes. In other words, they are meant to be adapted to fit your specific brand, target audience, and social media goals.

Here are some tips for using social media templates effectively:

Do your research

Every business is different, so research is a crucial skill to have for successful media management. When you start with a social media template for organic or paid projects, research and understand each platform's nuances. This will help you create content that resonates with your specific audience.

Also, research what type of social content will get you the most likes, shares, and video views with your target audience. 

In some cases, it could be Instagram carousels, in others it could be simple text LinkedIn posts, and in other situations, your audience may be more keen to watch short-form videos on Reels, Shorts, or TikTok. Go where your audience is and provide them with what they like most. 

Adapt, implement...

Once you've created a social media template, it's essential to regularly review and adapt it based on the your social media performance. Use analytics tools to track engagement, reach, and other metrics to see what works and can be improved upon. Also, be sure to include plenty of space for context on your various campaigns to ensure that each action is aligned with overall marketing objectives.

...And then adapt again

Your social media strategy will likely need consistent, ongoing adaptation as you experiment with different types of content and campaigns. Keep an eye on emerging trends, new features on social media platforms, and your competition to stay ahead of the game.

4 social media templates for your business

We've put together four social media templates and worksheets for you. Each of them is built to help you navigate the complex world of social media marketing and create a cohesive strategy for your business. These social media marketing templates can be easily customized to fit your specific needs, goals, and campaign planning process, so feel free to use them as a starting point and make any necessary changes.

Social media strategy worksheet

Our social media strategy checklist was built with one thing in mind: help you make sense of the different elements that go into creating a successful social media strategy. This template includes sections for everything you need to design a social media strategy:

  • Mission statement – what your business stands for
  • Competitor analysis notes – what you learned from peeking at your competitors
  • Tone of voice – how you want to sound across all social media channels
  • Crisis response plan – what to do if someone comments negatively on your socials, for example
  • Goals – what is your goal for social media?
  • Inspiration – what social media accounts would you like to emulate?
  • Metrics – likes, comments, shares, impressions, CTR, or for social ads, CPC, CPM, etc.
  • Buyer persona – the personas of your target audience
  • ...And more

Remember this entire social media strategy kit is built to help not just with the documentation process but also guide your planning, actions, and reporting. 


As you can see, this step by step template was created on a simple Google sheet. You don't always need fancy social media tools to do the job right, just a few custom fields for your goals and platforms of choice.

Social media audit template

If you or your clients already have social media accounts, the best way to start growing them is by running an audit: a situational assessment that helps you understand where you are, what works, and what doesn't. Here are some elements included in this template:

  • Profile evaluation – overall notes on each social media profile
  • Content strategy overview – in one sentence, what has been your strategy for that specific channel?
  • Audience analysis – who are the people who have interacted with your social media posts so far?
  • Competitor analysis – what has your competition been doing?
  • Tools and resources review – examples include productivity tools, social media management tools that allow you to schedule content in advance, social listening tools, and so on.

This is all crucial information for making a strong pitch to your ads team or social media client. 

Buyer persona template

As a social media manager, want to make sure your entire social media strategy (for social ads and organic posts) targets the right people. That's why we've created a buyer persona template to help you navigate the relevant buyer persona characteristics to build a successful social strategy.

We've included everything you need to paint a full, realistic picture of your target audience:

  • Relevant quotes from customer interviews, testimonials, etc.
  • Goals and challenges for each specific persona
  • Identifiers for main pain points in one sentence each
  • ...And more

Get our social media strategy kit for free and gain access to our buyer persona builder (along with all the other templates presented here).



Competitor analysis template

Looking at your competition can help you better project what will work and what won't regarding social media marketing. Our competitor analysis template includes sections for all the elements you need to evaluate your competition's social media presence:

  • Platforms used – where are they active?
  • Frequency of posting – how often do they post, and how busy is their social media content calendar?
  • Types of content posted – what type of posts do they share?
  • Engagement levels – how much engagement do they drive?
  • ...And more.

Our social media toolkit also includes a social media content calendar to plan posts on your chosen social networks, keep track of your social media campaigns, and ensure you implement your social media marketing strategy in a cohesive, comprehensive way. 

The best sources for social media advertising graphic templates

A large part of social media is the visual content. Even basic graphic design skills become important in social media advertising to draw people's attention and communicate your message effectively. Here are some of the best sources for social media advertising graphic templates:

  • Canva: a user-friendly tool for creating all kinds of designs, including social media graphics of all kinds (banner templates, Instagram posts, and so on.)
  • Adobe Spark: another popular design tool that offers a wide range of templates specifically designed for social media.
  • Venngage: an advanced tool that offers customizable templates for social media and other digital marketing channels, including infographics.
  • Creative Market: an online marketplace that offers a variety of high-quality social media graphic templates from various designers.
  • PosterMyWall: a design tool that specializes in templates for social media advertising and other marketing materials.
  • Envato Elements: a subscription-based platform with thousands of social media graphic templates and other design assets.
  • Freepik: a website that offers free and premium social media graphic templates, icons, images, and more.
  • Creatopy: a design tool with pre-designed ad templates for social media, as well as an option to create your own social and banner designs from scratch.

Many of these tools will allow you to add a custom business palette and fonts for photo and video templates that keep up a consistent look in every post.

64 copywriting templates for social media ads

Copywriting is a crucial element of social media advertising, as it can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns. If you struggle to come up with compelling copy for your ads, here are 50 copywriting templates specifically designed for social media ads:


  1. "Stay on-trend with our latest collection. Shop now!"
  2. "Just in! Upgrade your wardrobe with [season] must-have styles."
  3. "Get ready to turn heads in our new arrivals."
  4. "Don't miss out on this limited-time offer. Shop now!"
  5. "Elevate your style game with our exclusive pieces."
  6. "Find the perfect outfit for [upcoming event]."
  7. "Effortlessly chic and affordable – shop our fashion-forward pieces."
  8. "Be the envy of all with our statement-making styles."


  1. "Escape to paradise without breaking the bank."
  2. "Discover the world's hidden gems."
  3. "Unwind and relax at [Name] luxurious resorts."
  4. "Experience a cultural adventure like no other. Book your trip now."
  5. "Traveling solo? Join one of our group tours and make new friends."
  6. "Family vacations don't need to be stressful. Book yours now"
  7. "Ready for an adventure? Our adrenaline-fueled activities will not disappoint."
  8. "Travel in style and comfort with our first-class accommodations."


  1. "Get your sweat on with our high-intensity workout classes."
  2. "Join our fitness community and reach your goals together."
  3. "Transform your body and mind with our holistic approach to fitness."
  4. "Certified trainers for the results you want."
  5. "No more excuses! Start your fitness journey with us today."
  6. "Working out has never been this fun! Join our group classes now."
  7. "Get fit and have fun doing it at [Gym Name]."
  8. "Ready to push yourself to the limit in [Year]? Our bootcamp classes start [Date]"

Real estate

  1. "Find your dream home. [Number] properties available in [Location] today."
  2. "Selling a house has never been this fast or hassle-free."
  3. "Find your perfect match – let us help you find your crib. "
  4. "Prime real estate opportunities in [Location]."
  5. "Luxury living at its finest – explore our high-end properties now."
  6. "Make a smart investment with our commercial real estate options."
  7. "Looking for a cozy apartment? We have just the one for you."
  8. "Let us make your home search easier. Browse our listings now."


  1. "The perfect blend of flavors with our [cuisine] dishes."
  2. "Craving something sweet? Our desserts will satisfy your taste buds."
  3. "From farm to table, we only use the freshest ingredients in our dishes."
  4. "Try our chef's special – a taste sensation you don't want to miss."
  5. "Want to impress your dinner guests? Our recipes are always a hit."
  6. "Satisfy your cravings with our mouth-watering [cuisine] cuisine."
  7. "Made with love. [Restaurant Name]."
  8. "Indulge in our delicious menu and treat your taste buds."


  1. "Give your pet the love and care they deserve with [Product or Company Name]."
  2. "Your furry friend deserves the best in [Location]."
  3. "Say goodbye to pet hair. Floof! "
  4. "Keep your pet healthy and happy with our all-natural treats."
  5. "Spoil your pet with our fun and interactive toys."
  6. "Make mealtime a breeze with our automatic feeder."
  7. "Doggo will love seeing the world with you."
  8. "Upgrade your pet's grooming routine with our [Product]."


  1. "Get that glow-up you've been dreaming of with our beauty products."
  2. "Unleash your inner goddess with our makeup essentials."
  3. "Say goodbye to bad hair days with our top-rated haircare products."
  4. "Beauty on a budget? We've got you covered."
  5. "Achieve flawless skin in just one step with our skincare must-haves."
  6. "Transform your look from day to night with our versatile makeup palettes."
  7. "Get ready for summer with our cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty products."
  8. "Healthy skin is always in – shop our natural beauty range now."

Home decor

  1. "More than just home decor. Pure comfort."
  2. "Elevate your interior design game."
  3. "Lighting that creates the perfect ambiance."
  4. "Break the mold. Make a statement."
  5. "Spruce up your home for [season]."
  6. "From rug to lighting. Everything you need for a pretty home."
  7. "Turn your house into a home."
  8. "Customizable home decor options created just for you."

Of course, these templates are just a starting point. Don't be afraid to get creative and personalize them to your business, target audience, the season you're in, and so on.

Want to learn more about the specifics of running social media ads? Check out our comprehensive guide on social media advertising

Social media strategy templates: the boost you need to get started

Social media marketing can be overwhelming. From Facebook to Twitter to TikTok, there are at least a handful of social media networks, each with its own (often fickle, rapidly changing) algorithms, and a million things to keep track of, like engagement rates, post frequency, influencer partnerships, and content types.

In other words: your social media page is no longer just a business card.

That's where templates come in handy. They give you a head start, map out the key elements of your strategy, and help you stay organized. With our social media content calendar, templates, and worksheets at your disposal, you can create a compelling and well-structured social media plan.

Get them for free, here. 

Need help to get your social game on the road? Contact Mayple and we'll match you with an industry-experienced, vetted social media marketing agency you'll actually love.