Southern Grandma’s Biscuit Recipe Goes Viral

Southern Grandma’s Biscuit Recipe Goes Viral

A grandma in Georgia was asked to teach a family friend how to make homemade biscuits, but she decided to film herself doing it instead.

Her videos were posted to Facebook and have been viewed by thousands of people.

Patsy Wilbanks, 77, has been cooking since she was 12. Although she was making the instructional videos for a friend, she decided to post the videos on Facebook so others could learn as well.

She had no idea they would be enjoyed by so many.

“At first when somebody would make a comment on my facebook page I would answer it,” Patsy said.

“Then it just started going boom boom boom and I couldn’t answer everybody so i just had to put a thank you to everybody. I mean everybody this is such an honor. I can’t believe they would watch my video and make those biscuits.”

Patsy says people are now making the biscuits and sending her photos of their results.

She plans to make more cooking videos soon.


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