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Join Mayple’s referral program, earn up to $1,500 for each customer conversion, and get to be a first priority match with our new referred clients.

How it works

Easy process, Maximum benefits.

Create your marketing brief.

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Fill out the form to register for the program and get your unique referral link, and supporting marketing materials.

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Share your referral link with brands that would benefit from working with vetted Mayple experts. These could be brands you work with or leads that you get.

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For every paid customer that you referred, you’ll receive up to a $1,500 payout, and additional rewards for SQLs.

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The more SQLs you refer, the highest you’ll rank for new opportunities at Mayple, and get personal promotions to build your reputation.

Our referral program is a win-win

You feed the community, and we feed you back

You get

$1,500 for each referred customer

Rewards for referred SQLs

Professional promotion benefits like no other expert gets with Mayple

Be a first priority match with our new referred customers

Brands you refer get

VIP onboarding support

$300 discount of their first month with Mayple

Access to the world’s top vetted community of marketers

Refer to Mayple’s vetted experts’ community, with confidence

When you refer brands to Mayple you know that:

They will work with vetted experts like you

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They will get ongoing monitoring and support from the Mayple platform and team

Users use laptop

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