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AI-powered matchmaking is the core of what we do

What Factors Do We Consider?

Our AI-powered algorithm takes into account 25 factors that affect the matching of your brand with our Mayple experts.
Here are some of the factors we consider:





Target audience

Target audience

Business stage

Business stage




And their

The matching never stops

Your business is dynamic and so is your marketing strategy. The matching we do isn’t a “one and done” kind of thing.

Our monitoring system continuously verifies the matching of your experts and will let you know when it’s time to start working with a different expert to further your growth.

Here’s how we find your perfect marketing match



We analyze and identify anywhere from 25-50 matching success factors based on your marketing brief


Together we fill in  any further info we need to start during your growth strategy meeting


Let’s find your perfect match! The AI-powered algorithm then compares these success factors with our database of marketing experts


3-5 top marketers are identified and are approached by our team for final verification

Perfect Match!

Your perfect marketing match  is chosen! And they immediately start creating your marketing plan
May Gauthier at Mayple
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Keith L

Director Of Operations

“Mayple connected me with a great marketing partner who really gets us and our audience.”

Why matching is important

Because “good” is not enough

Your business is your creation. Your baby. You have a specific brand, in a specific niche, and have specific marketing needs according to your audience, your budget, and your channels.

And just because an expert knows how to run Facebook ads, doesn’t mean they’re 100% the right fit for you.

You don’t need someone who is simply good at what they do. You need a perfect match.

We match you with top-performing marketing experts that have the exact experience, knowledge, and approach you need. Because that’s what gets you great results and puts you ahead of your competition.

Matching is a win-win

For brands and top marketers, finding the perfect match means you both enjoy a fruitful, happy working relationship in which you both grow and thrive.

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