Our Mission

Mayple empowers online businesses and top eCommerce marketers from around the world to match up, collaborate, and grow together.

And we’re growing Mayple with the same professionalism, transparency, and positivity we use to foster the long-term growth and success of the eCommerce brands and independent marketers that are our Mayple family.

Our Values

Build Trust

Mayple is on your side. Always. And our platform enables you to get the unbiased advice and support you need so that you can scale your brand with full confidence.

We designed data-driven processes that exhaustively vet and curate the marketers, services, and workflows that are perfectly designed for your growth.

Hassle free

Marketing shouldn’t be a hassle. Period. We are making tangled processes simple. Transforming cloudy expectations to clear, transparent communication.nd along the way, we’re turning marketing into  a fun and exciting journey.

This is why we built one, simple, and friendly platform. A safe haven where brands can find, hire, manage, and expand their marketing team—and where marketers can work with amazing eCommerce brands, and flex their skills in leading their exciting projects.

High professional standards

Our role is to set high standards for the industry of marketing as a whole. Based on a wholly  data-driven approach to marketing, structured monitoring and feedback loops, and constant planning ahead to keep improving and growing.

This is how we eliminate risks and ensure brands are working with true marketing experts, and receive the highest level of professional service and results for their budgets.

Expand your reality

We will always question how things work and how things are being done, because we are passionate about finding new ways to drive growth.

So the future of your business—and the future of the marketing industry —will be as exciting and vibrant as is it prosperous.

Get more than access

Mayple was built out of the need for growing eCommerce businesses to hire top marketing talent in a way that was affordable for them.

During our journey, we discovered that simply having access to amazing marketers is not enough. And that the success of an owner-marketer working relationship depends on how accurately the brands and marketers match up.

This is why Mayple’s AI-powered Perfect Matching algorithm is the core driver of our success as a company.

We also realized that as long as we can create the ultimate conditions for marketers and brands to work together and build each other up, we can truly impact the long-term success of both sides.

The Mayple Deep Job Platform is the unbiased factor that provides the top 1% of eCommerce  marketers, along with continuous monitoring, and ongoing growth advice and support for brands, while allowing marketers to focus on what they do best and develop themselves as part of our community.

Omer Farkash

Founder of Mayple

“I believe that now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to shift marketing team management from one centered around access to talent to one focused on matching and measurement that creates impact.”

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