How BeatBread Increased Their Leads from 0 to 500 Per Month

I'm happy to recommend Jack, the Mayple Expert we were matched with, as a digital media leader."





About Beatbread

BeatBread is a pioneering music and finance company that empowers artists to take control of their careers without giving away ownership of their music or their decision-making power.

Challenge & goals:

Main challenge was letting their target audience know about their service and why they should use it. They had previously done no marketing so there was little pre-existing data to work off. However, they had a great amount of insight into the industry which we incorporated in the ad campaign planning.

That’s why Jack was the perfect match for Beatbread

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Jack N.

Paid Media Advertising

Lead Gen

I thoroughly enjoy working with Mayple on projects. They're very organized and they help support us in all of the projects that we have along the way.

Strategies the expert used


Working with the artists: collaborating with musicians who signed up to provide video testimonials, providing a rich amount of social proof content for the ad creatives.


Granular conversion tracking: implemented conversion tracking based on the size of the artist sign up to provide greater detail into the ROAS of the campaigns, and more data for Facebook's targeting algorithm


Constant split testing of targeting and ad creative to maintain a healthy cost per lead. New creative was regularly introduced into rotation as well as novel targeting strategies and ad formats.


CEO & Co-founder Peter Sinclair

Jack has planned, launched, and managed digital user acquisition at beatBread and has delivered great results. Jack has integrated himself well into the relatively unstructured and fast moving pace of our distributed and global team. I've enjoyed our interactions on top of getting a whole lot out of our business relationship.