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The exact expertise you need

Our AI uses 25 matching factors to pinpoint the marketer who will smash your growth goals, including niche, budget, business size — and even personality. 

How do we match you with an expert?


Assessing results, not sales pitches

With 141 strict vetting criteria and a 1% acceptance rate, you can be sure our experts have the experience to deliver the outcome you’re after. 

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Pushing for optimal performance

We don’t just make the match – we manage our experts and ensure your campaign is executed according to best practices. We have over 180 monitoring parameters in place to deliver better results.

How does Mayple’s monitoring work?


Result driven strategies
at your service

Unlike agencies who are incentivized to bill more hours, we provide you with a dedicated strategist who acts as an impartial assessor of your expert’s performance. With their help, you can plug and play the right talent at the right time to hit your growth targets. 

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Manage everything in one place

Performance analytics

Stay on top of the metrics that matter and eliminate manual reporting, with data at your fingertips.

Faster iteration

Get weekly updates on what’s working, and what still needs to be improved.

Budget optimization

Get real-time data on how your budget is deployed across channels for more informed decisions. 

Channel insights

See how each marketing channel contributes to your company’s growth.

Seamless collaboration

Make decisions, send updates, schedule recurring meetings in one place

Hire anywhere in the world

We handle all the paperwork, so you can focus on hiring the best talent anywhere in the world, without any hassles.

Easily manage payments

Eliminate the admin of payroll and taxes for contractor payments with Mayple’s automated system.

Grow your team

Whether you need a freelancer or a fleet of marketing pros, you’ll find all the talent you need on Mayple.

Stay agile

Need to change strategy? We’ll help you find another expert to fill in the gap.

Full flexibility

Need to pause or adjust your budget? With Mayple, it’s always flexible.

Find the right expert in 72 hours


Tell us about your brand, your current marketing efforts, and your big-picture goals.


After our AI matches you with an expert, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your strategy.


Review your expert’s plan until you’re satisfied. Once you’ve approved, we’ll get to work!

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