Using Mayple VS freelancer marketplaces

To scale successfully, you need to work with experts that don’t just get “digital marketing.” They need to deeply understand your audience, your brand, and the marketing channels you want to use, to help you grow with confidence.

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Your marketing can make or break your business. So why settle for anything less than the very best?

Your brand deserve more than being served a long list of freelancers, with no other context. Some could be good, but most of them won’t be. Some might be a good fit, but most of them aren’t.

Guaranteed talent quality
Data-driven vetting
Top experts in your niche
AI-powered matching
Impartial Growth Strategist
We'll recommend a different channel/expert if needed
Unbiased monitoring
Our platform tracks key metrics and campaign performance
Modular marketing team
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Freelance Marketplaces

When comparing Mayple to freelance marketplaces, ask yourself these 4 questions


Can freelance marketplaces provide me with top-performing or expert marketing talent?

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Mayple uses a data-driven, exhaustive vetting process based more than 141 criteria, with full visibility of our experts’ past performance

Freelance Marketplaces

Marketplaces are unvalidated or do not vet their service providers

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Freelance marketplaces have a large variety of marketers and service providers in their pool. And typically, their quality level reflects the current market. Unfortunately, research shows that over 70% of marketing service providers in the US do not have sufficient experience to successfully deliver their services. In addition, the vetting process some freelance marketplaces use is either based on reviews (which are hard to independently verify) or exams and tests that are not necessarily validated (or for which their score or relative skill level is unclear). So you might end up with a good freelancer, but you might not.

Mayple provides you with the top 1% of high-performing eCommerce marketers, vetted exhaustively upfront using real data

In a world full of promises and sales pitches, there are a few things you can still rely on. One of them is the actual work and results marketers have achieved in the past for brands similar to yours.

To ensure you only work with the top performing marketers, at Mayple we built a data-driven vetting process that covers all the criteria that indicate whether a marketer is a true professional or not.

We use over 141 criteria, across 10 different vetting categories. And these are just some of the things we check:
Proven past results - Only experts that have achieved above-benchmark results in specific niches can be part of the Mayple network.
Professional practices - We compare experts' past work with a long list of best practices to determine whether they are true professionals.
Service level - We constantly check your satisfaction level to determine if an expert is communicating and collaborating with you as expected.


Can freelance marketplaces provide me with top-performing or expert marketing talent?

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Mayple uses 25-50 matching success factors to match you with a top-performing marketing expert, including niche experience, target audience, professional skill set and even personality!

Freelance Marketplaces

Basic matching based on industry experience

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Not every person who knows how to run Facebook ads is a top-performing marketing expert, nor is automatically a good fit with your business. To match a brand and an expert that will yield top results, there are many factors to consider. For example, if you’re an eCommerce brand in the health & wellness industry, and you’re targeting women over 50, and need someone that thinks full-funnel-strategy when they run your Facebook or Google campaigns, it would take a very specific type of expert to be successful with your campaigns (and growth expectations).

Mayple matches you with experts that are perfect partners for your growth

At Mayple, working with top experts is a given. Because we know that working with top experts that have the exact experience, knowledge, and approach you need, is what helps you get above-benchmark results and crush your competition. Our AI algorithm uses multiple data sources and 25-50 matching success factors to ensure that the experts you work with are, without a doubt, the right fit to grow your brand.


Do Freelance Marketplaces invest in ensuring my success?

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Your Mayple platform includes:

  • Unbiased,  continuous monitoring system of your experts’ performance

  • Live reports & management tools

  • Monthly recommendations

Freelance Marketplaces

Transactional deals only

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Most freelance marketplaces are purely transactional: they help you find some freelancers, and you have to pick based on your gut feeling. And beyond that? Usually there is little (or worse none at all) support and oversight from the freelance marketplace itself.

Mayple is by your side, every step of the way, to make sure you grow and succeed

But rest assured, when you choose Mayple, you don’t just get a “matchmaking” service. You also get unbiased, continuous monitoring of your experts’ performance, live reports & management tools so you can see exactly what they’re doing, and when, and how, and monthly growth recommendations from your dedicated Growth Strategist—making sure you’re on the right track at all times.


Do Freelance Marketplaces know my business well enough to recommend the right experts or services for my growth?

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Mayple does because before you begin, you get:

  • An in-depth marketing brief

  • Ad account integrations

  • A 1 on 1 growth strategy meeting

  • An impartial, dedicated Success Strategist who is by your side to help make sure you grow

Freelance Marketplaces

Basic introduction calls and data collection from your business

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Freelance marketplaces are built for big quantities of transactions. Period. Which is why they don't offer long term value for the brands and marketers that meet through them. This is why they also offer a large variety of services and do not focus on one field or type of business they serve. While this might be a good solution for one-time jobs, your marketing needs a specific attention and specialization.

Mayple is the only marketing services platform that specializes in eCommerce marketing

eCommerce marketing is all we are focused on. This deep industry knowledge allowed us to build our entire platform around eCommerce brands’ marketing needs. How?

-We know what to ask to get to know you - through your online marketing brief
-We recommend on the services that are right for you - during your meeting with a dedicated eCommerce Success Strategist
-We vet our marketers based on more than 141 criteria, gathered from a deep knowledge in eCommerce marketing
-We match you with the expert who meets between 25 and 50 matching success factors
-Our monitoring system is designed to track the KPIs and tactics that are fundamental to an eCommerce brand success.

When you work with Mayple you know it’s designed specifically for your needs. And no one else’s.

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Jade Beason

Founder & CEO

"They match you with a vetted marketing freelancer, but then they also provide continuous support and monitoring to ensure that the freelancer who you’re working with is excellent"

Doreen D.

Agency Owner Media People

“Mayple’s matching process takes into account so many variables that I wouldn't even have thought of when trying to hire a marketing agency ”

Victor Henning

Ph.D. Founder & CEO, Fjorden

“We found Mayple's mix-and-match approach to be the perfect solution for assembling our marketing dream team”

Jack Benzaquen

Founder & CEO, Duradry

“My secret weapon for success! Whatever you get from Mayple will be FOR SURE above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple. Highly recommended!”