Influencer Marketing

Identify the brand ambassadors who have the best potential to promote the business. Use the most effective marketing channel to increase conversions and building social proof.

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Influencer Custom Brief

Influencer Agreement

Ongoing Liaise

Fee Negotiation

Influencers Management

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Gifting Management

Partnership Management

Monthly Report or Post-Campaign Report

More Influencer Marketing Packages

Content Generating Influencer Outreach

Get authentic User Generated Content (UGC) to use on your social media or advertising channels. The goal of this campaign is to generate creatives and align them to represent the brand aesthetic rather than focus on target audiences.

*The content generated will not be developed for reach or be published on influencer channels but will provide the rights of usage.



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Influencer Custom Brief

Influencer Agreement

Fee Negotiation

Original Creative Assets

Gifting Management

10-20 influencers outreach (estimated 5 agreements)

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Frequently asked questions

Who is my main point of contact? And how would we communicate moving forward?
Do I need to pay an extra fee for Mayple’s monitoring services?
What does “monitoring” mean?
How many experts can I talk to before making a decision?
Why does the matching process take up to 4 business days?
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Do I need to pay before I meet the expert? What happens if I don’t approve the expert?
How do you vet your experts?
In case of paid advertising, does the package fee include the media cost?
Why do I need a minimum $5,000 monthly media budget to start with paid advertising?
Can I change my expert after my marketing strategy gets approved?
How much time before I see results? And what kinds of results can I expect?
When will I see positive ROI?
Can you help me manage my social media pages while running my social media ads?
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How do I know what type or how many creatives I need before starting to advertise?
Are creatives included in the Paid Media Package ?
How do I know what is the best package for my business?
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