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Mayple is the first-ever all-in-one platform that gives you the tools,
support and resources you need for client success

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Workflow & Automation

Mayple integrates and automates every part of your business so it runs seamlessly - from onboarding clients, building relationships, scheduling appointments, to creating workflows. Streamline your projects from start to finish.

Risk-Free Billing

Card expired? Not enough funds? No problem. There's no need to chase after your customers anymore. Just add them to our platform and let us handle collecting the payments. You get paid every month, on time, with no extra effort.

Business Intelligence & Reports

Why waste time keeping track of data? With our 200+ custom KPIs and reports, you’ll have exclusive access to pre-built visualizations and powerful data filtering so you can focus on the client

Supercharge Your Marketing Work

Business Intelligence

Reports, growth opportunities, benchmarking and BI tools.

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Payment & Collection

Billing, payout, dispute resolution

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Budget Alignment

Estimate and actual budget utilization feature

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Stay on top of what your clients think with our assessment features

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Creative Portal

Coming soon

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Client CRM

Manage all your clients, Mayple's and external in one place

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Easily send out agreements and sign NDA contracts with customers

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Team Collaboration

Collaborate with other marketing experts on your team

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Insight Feed

Send out easy updates, alerts, and communicate with the customer on a weekly/monthly basis

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Marketing Accounts Access

Get access to your clients ad accounts

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Only for live clients

No minimum balance.
No hidden fees

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Jade Beason

They match you with a vetted freelancer, but then they also provide continuous support and monitoring to ensure that the freelancer who you’re working with, is actually performing to the best of their ability and really helping you meet your goals.

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