Mayple VS digital marketing agencies

When it comes to something as important as your marketing, why settle for anything less than a 100% dedicated, transparent, and trustworthy marketing partner?

Fast-growing brands need a marketing partner they can trust.

In today’s fragmented digital marketing world, it’s difficult to know which agency will actually deliver good results for your business.

Guaranteed talent quality
Data-driven vetting
Top experts in your niche
AI-powered matching
Impartial Growth Strategist
We'll recommend a different channel/expert if needed
Unbiased monitoring
Our platform tracks key metrics and campaign performance
Modular marketing team
Build your a-team with a few easy clicks

5 questions to ask yourself when comparing Mayple to digital marketing agencies


Can an agency help me do everything I need to scale my brand?

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Mayple has a network of 600+ vetted experts specializing in multiple disciplines covering anything and everything from PPC to email marketing, social media management and more.

Digital agencies

Agencies might have a large team, but not everyone on their team is a top-performing expert. And if you need help with something specific, they’ll refer you to someone in-house rather than connecting you with the absolute best person for the job.

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Most agencies can’t offer you the full range of expertise needed to scale a brand these days. From paid advertising and CRO, to influencer marketing, SEO, and more, you need to work with top-performing professionals—those who have expertise in every single area of digital marketing— to make sure you stay ahead of your competition and scale like you should.

There is a huge difference between simply running a business and scaling a business. To bridge this gap, you need to work with professionals that you can trust to deliver you the best results through all areas of digital marketing.

Mayple can help you do everything you need to scale your brand.

Our platform takes the risks and hassle out of hiring and managing marketing experts, ensuring only the top professionals in each marketing channel are the one you're working with.

On top of that, we’re there with you at all times. We analyze and monitor your experts’ work and performance, to make sure you’re getting the most bang out of every buck you spend on marketing—dramatically increasing your brand’s chances of success.


Do the best marketing talents works in agencies?

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We source the top marketing talents that left agencies, started working for themselves and realize that there is a better way. With Mayple the experts get to focus on what they do best - while we sort out the rest.

Digital agencies

Agencies struggle to hire and retain top talent. Because as soon as someone gets “too good” they often leave to start their own company.

They also have operational limitations and self-serving priorities that can limit your access to their top team members

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Having your marketing campaigns managed by professionals who have already solved marketing challenges just like yours can save you a lot of time and money. But unfortunately, most agencies today are struggling to hire and retain top talent—in fact, this was one of their top pain points according to a recent survey by MarTech Today, Dec 2020. Because of that, they usually end up handing over the bulk of the work to junior members of their team.

In addition, most agencies have operational limitations and self-serving priorities that can limit your contact with their top team members.

Mayple provides you with the best expert to grow your brand

These days, as soon as they’ve gained enough experience, the top marketing talents leave the agencies and brands they’ve worked with to build their own independent businesses. And these are the experts we have at Mayple.

How do we know they’re the best? Because Mayple makes decisions based on data, not sales pitches. Our exhaustive vetting process is based on each expert’s past performance, across multiple channels and niches. We dig into their accounts and analyze the results—using AI-powered learning and our own in-house team of experts—to determine if they have what it takes to scale your brand.

Mayple’s matching algorithm is based on 25+ success factors, from their hands-on experience to performance, and even their personality. Because we know how important it is to match your brand with the experts that have the best skills and experience to scale it.


Will an agency have my best interest in mind?

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Mayple’s unbiased monitoring system continuously monitor and analyzes your experts’ work, keeping an eye on everything t hat they’re doing. So your experts not only get professional feedback, but you always know what’s happening at every point in time.

Digital agencies

Conflict of interests can prevent agencies from communicating with you properly. They may not give you the full perspective of how your campaigns are performing, or where they may be gaps that are holding you back from getting top result

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When it comes to scaling, you need to make sure all your marketing activities are managed as professionally as possible. Why? Because the tiniest details or errors can make (or break) your brand. Details such as using the correct A/B testing methodologies, tracking events accurately, flawless implementation, and continuously checking and optimizing your campaigns are crucial to keeping everything under control.

And unfortunately with many agencies, their internal conflict of interests prevent many of them from communicating with you in a fully transparent manner. They can’t (or won’t) always give you the full perspective of all problems relating to the management and performance of your marketing—and this can seriously damage your results. In addition, as many agencies don’t specialize in every aspect of digital marketing, they are often limited in the way they can monitor their work.

Mayple identifies problems before they actually become problems, and helps solve them to help you scale.

Mayple’s unbiased monitoring system constantly monitor and analyzes your experts’ work and the performance of the campaigns they’re managing. This feedback and monitoring system was built by leading experts across all areas of digital marketing (our monitoring leadership team is made up of ex-Google, and ex-Facebook executives). This allows us to identify if your experts’ work is based on best practices, that the KPIs you need in order to scale are on the right track—compared to your goals and your industry benchmark—and that your budget does not blow out of the set range for your campaigns.

This system makes sure that your experts get professional feedback and that you always know what’s happening at any point in time. Meaning you can rest assured that your marketing is being managed as best it can.


Won’t an agency advise me on new growth opportunities?

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Your dedicated Mayple Growth Strategist will sit down with you once a month and go over your results as well as offer impartial advice on what else you can do to scale your business at any stage of your brand’s growth.

Digital agencies

While there are many creative professionals out there, they will always be limited to their scope of expertise, and to the services they wish to sell to their own clients.

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To scale above your current marketing results, you need new, creative ideas to help drive marketing campaigns that are a step ahead of your competitors. And while there are many creative professionals out there, they will always be limited to their scope of expertise, and to the services they wish to sell to their own clients. When getting advice on what you should invest in next, or how you should structure your next marketing campaign, you want to work with someone that is on your side, with no other interests or limitations that may affect their recommendations.

Mayple gives you impartial advice on your next winning marketing move

Your unbiased Success Strategist will use the industry data and analyses our systems provide, along with their extensive knowledge, to continuously monitor and review the performance of your marketing funnels and campaigns—to help identify any gaps or opportunities that can be addressed. In any case, the recommendations you will get will be 100% focused on your potential success, from an unbiased perspective, unique to the Mayple platform and team.


Can an agency solve my marketing challenges as I scale?

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Your Growth Strategist can help you easily add, switch, or remove Marketing Experts at any time. Meaning you can stop working with someone if they’re no longer suitable to your needs, and start working with another expert who is the perfect fit to take your brand to the next level

Digital agencies

Agencies are limited to their scope of expertise and are biased towards the services they can manage. Internal politics may mean you might be kept waiting on getting the help you need when the opportunity is hot.

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Marketing is dynamic. And to keep up with the competition and with consumer trends and with your brand’s constantly changing needs? You need to work with a team of experts who can pivot and adapt quickly. You already know what we’re about to say, right? Agencies are limited to their scope of expertise and are biased with the services they recommend you use and this limits the opportunities for your brand’s growth.

Mayple scales with you

Mayple is built on a network of 600+ vetted, top-performing marketers. Combine this with our unbiased monitoring, feedback, and recommendations system—and the guidance of your dedicated Growth Strategist—we can confidently advise you on the best-fit marketing services that have the best potential for scaling your business, throughout every stage of your brand’s growth. We can easily and painlessly switch experts if needed, remove someone if they are not needed for your growth anymore, and recommend new experts and services that have the potential to be your next marketing game-changer.

Our happy marketers

Mayple has the perfect platform for digital marketers today. From the clients who are amazing, to the support from the marketers who assist in a strategic level and make sure you get all that you need to succeed.

Limor .G, Mayple expert

Partnering with Mayple allows me to focus on what I do best, while getting the back up and support needed to operate my business.

Jay .N, Mayple expert

Through working with Mayple I’ve been introduced to businesses with the same high performance mindset, which has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone in order to continue delivering excellent results”

Sandra .S, Mayple expert

Leading businesses expand their
marketing teams with Mayple


Jade Beason

Founder & CEO

"They match you with a vetted marketing freelancer, but then they also provide continuous support and monitoring to ensure that the freelancer who you’re working with is excellent"

Doreen D.

Agency Owner Media People

“Mayple’s matching process takes into account so many variables that I wouldn't even have thought of when trying to hire a marketing agency ”

Victor Henning

Ph.D. Founder & CEO, Fjorden

“We found Mayple's mix-and-match approach to be the perfect solution for assembling our marketing dream team”

Jack Benzaquen

Founder & CEO, Duradry

“My secret weapon for success! Whatever you get from Mayple will be FOR SURE above average. You can't go wrong with Mayple. Highly recommended!”