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Top brands perfectly matched to you

Our platform matches you with clients that are a perfect fit for your skills and preferences. The system then onboards them to work with you.

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On-time payments

Stop chasing overdue payments and guessing when the next payment will get processed.

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Advanced platform to manage your projects

Approve new opportunities, read pre-filled marketing briefs, gain access to ad accounts, see your expected income, send updates and reports all in one platform!

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Running it all, without running around

Biz Dev & Sales team
1 full-time employee
Marketing BI & Analytics
Booking & Appointments
Payments & Collections
Workflows Automation
$199 / mo
Marketing Accounts Access
$199 / mo
All included

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Ryan Walker

Mayple expert

"Working with Mayple has just been incredible experience
I get clients all the time, I never have to worry about the work I'm getting. Everything is run really smoothly with them and I'm really feel like I'm part of a team."

Limor G.

Mayple Expert

"Mayple has the perfect platform for digital marketers today. From the clients who are amazing, to the support from the marketers who assist in a strategic level and make sure you get all that you need to succeed."

Jay N.

Mayple Expert

"Partnering with Mayple allows me to focus on what I do best, while getting the back up and support needed to operate my business."

Sandra S.

Mayple Expert

"Through working with Mayple I’ve been introduced to businesses with the same high performance mindset, which has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone in order to continue delivering excellent results."

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