How Duradry Increased Their Conversion Rate By 200%

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About Duradry

Duradry offers a solution to effectively control excessive underarm sweating. Duradry was created out of frustration for products that don’t work. The company formulated their products with science-backed ingredients to make sure they work against excessive sweatin

Challenge & goals:

Duradry was looking to dramatically scale its online sales while keeping a stable profitability over time

Expand the Duradry brand in a scalable manner

Optimize ROAS  

Reach sustainable profitabilty in scale

Arik was the perfect match for Duradry

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Arik B.

PPC campaign management

I'm glad we were able to help Duradry achieve their sales and ROAS goals. Jack and his team are great to work with, and hopefully our collaboration will continue for many years to come.

Strategies the expert used


Consolidated campaigns and improved the account's structure.


Conducted KW research in order to expand our reach to new, high-intent, audiences.


Changed and adjusted our bidding strategies in order to capitalize on Google's machine learning abilities

Jack Benzaquen, founder & CEO at Duradry

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