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10 Best Amazon Marketing Agencies in 2024

Want to grow your Amazon presence? Need to hire an Amazon advertising pro? Here are the best Amazon agencies you should work with.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated December 6, 2023.

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The eCommerce scene is always teeming with potential, and Amazon stands as the ultimate stage for businesses to shine. But competition can be fierce, so you need an expert to help you make the most of this opportunity. We're spotlighting the top Amazon marketing agencies, known as trailblazers and catalysts for many eCommerce success stories.

Our top picks for the best Amazon marketing agencies

1. The Amazing Marketing Co - Best overall

2. The Amazon Blueprint - Best for rapid Amazon growth

3. PPC Boost - Best for PPC strategy development

4. Nuver Digital - Best for innovative Amazon marketing strategies

5. Tale Digital - Best for fast revenue growth

6. Pink Owl Agency - Best for data-driven Amazon marketing

7. Sequence Commerce - Best for streamlined marketing strategies

8. Pixated - Best for trend-setting Amazon advertising

9. Parker-Lambert - Best for expert catalog management

10. INDX - Best for hands-off marketing

What is an Amazon marketing agency?

An Amazon marketing agency helps Amazon sellers increase their sales through various marketing strategies, including Amazon ads, creating and optimizing listings, customer service, eCommerce SEO, and, in some cases, dealing with Amazon's fulfillment and refund department.

Best overall


The Amazing Marketing Co Website

Amazon Marketing + Ads

Amazing Marketing Co is an Amazon marketing agency that offers a variety of services, including PPC management, listing optimization, and product launches. They have a team of experts who have helped over 300 brands grow their Amazon businesses. Their clients have seen significant results, including 10x increases in sales and 50% reductions in ACOS.

The agency's standout feature is its team of Amazon experts, renowned for their profound understanding of the Amazon marketplace. Their exceptional track record of delivering success to businesses seeking growth on Amazon also sets them apart.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, but especially social media and Amazon
  • Track record: Helped over 300 brands grow their Amazon businesses
  • Services: Amazon marketing (PPC management, listing optimization, product launches, and more)

Proven track record of success

Comprehensive range of services

Focused on results

Quite costly for smaller businesses

Best for rapid Amazon growth


The Amazon Blueprint Website

Amazon Ads | Amazon FBA

The Amazon Blueprint, a dedicated consulting firm, specializes in guiding brands to Amazon success through personalized solutions, proactive communication, and exceeding expectations. Their core values of client devotion, innovation, trustworthiness, friendliness, collaboration, and commitment set them apart as partners committed to driving brand triumph on Amazon, making them a valuable resource for achieving your Amazon goals.

We chose The Amazon Blueprint because of their industry experience, proven track record, and comprehensive range of services. They have a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents, and they have helped their clients achieve significant results.

  • Industry experience: Consumer goods, electronics, apparel, and home & garden
  • Track record: Over 50 brands launched on Amazon and over $25 million in revenue managed
  • Services: Account setup, keyword research and optimization, product listing optimization, PPC advertising management, and social media marketing

Custom solutions tailored to each client's unique needs

Proactive communication

Strong track record of success

The onboarding process can be slow

Best for PPC strategy development


PPC Boost Image

Google Ads | Paid Social | Amazon Ads | SEO

PPC Boost is an ROI-obsessed eCommerce PPC agency that helps high-growth companies scale their businesses on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads. They work with clients of all sizes, but their specialty is working with eCommerce businesses in the 7-9 figure range.

With a proven track record of delivering impressive results—including significant Amazon revenue boosts and ROAS improvements—PCC Boost goes the extra mile by offering high-quality customer service, custom solutions, transparency, accountability, and ongoing support.

  • Industry experience: eCommerce
  • Track record: 40% average YoY ROAS growth, 20-year industry experience
  • Services: PPC management, custom PPC strategy development, ongoing support

Experts in Amazon PPC

Proven track record of success

Custom-tailored solutions

Ongoing support

Long-term commitment required

Best for innovative strategies


Nuver Digital Website

Email Marketing | SEO | CRO | Amazon Ads

Nuver Agency, a dynamic marketing and advertising powerhouse with a presence in Australia and Europe, positions itself as a catalyst for eCommerce brand growth. Their extensive array of services includes digital marketing, eCommerce, and creative solutions.

What truly sets Nuver Digital apart is its status as a full-service digital marketing agency boasting an exceptional Amazon success record and a dedicated, experienced team. With Nuver Digital, you're not just partnering with an agency; you're collaborating with a powerhouse of innovation and success.

  • Industry experience: Digital marketing, eCommerce
  • Track record: 2x revenue in 3 months, $20M sales in first year
  • Services: Digital marketing, eCommerce, creative services

Experienced and passionate team

Proven track record of success

Transparent pricing

Excellent customer service

Lock-in contracts

Best for fast revenue growth


a web page for a digital marketing company

Google Ads | PPC | Amazon Ads

Tale Digital is a Kent-based, award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in performance marketing. They manage paid search, paid social, Amazon ads, and shopping feeds for clients across the UK and globally. They also have experience integrating with popular marketing platforms such as Search Ads 360, Marin Software, and Google Analytics.

What gives Tale Digital an edge is that they're staffed with certified Amazon experts who will guide you through a proven path to success. Plus, they offer a comprehensive suite of services, including keyword research, product listing optimization, PPC campaign management, and brand management, all backed by a track record of significant success.

  • Industry experience: Amazon marketing
  • Track record: 50% sales increase, strong client retention
  • Services: Keyword research, product listing optimization, PPC campaign management, brand management, review management

Experienced and certified Amazon marketing experts

Comprehensive range of Amazon marketing services

Commitment to transparency and collaboration

Not ideal for small budgets

Best for data-driven marketing


Pink Owl Media Website

Facebook Ads | Amazon Ads | PPC | TikTok

Pink Owl Media, a down-to-earth boutique growth and digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY, specializes in working with startups and small to medium-sized businesses. They're all about helping you reach your business goals through data-driven digital marketing strategies.

What truly distinguishes Pink Owl Media is its unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, offering distinctive advantages like free consultations, customizable packages, and a dedicated team of experts. Plus, their data-driven approach as an Amazon marketing agency is backed by an incredible track record of success.

  • Industry experience: Amazon marketing
  • Track record: 15-year track record
  • Services: Full range of Amazon marketing services, including keyword research, product listing optimization, PPC campaign management, brand management, and review management

Amazon marketing experts

Transparent and accountable

Customizable packages

Pricey for small businesses

Best for trend-setting Amazon advertising


a screenshot of Pixated Agency website

Amazon Ads | Paid Media | Website Design

Pixated is a performance marketing and web design agency that specializes in helping ambitious brands achieve recognition, profitability, and sustainable growth. They leverage data and creativity to deliver tailor-made marketing campaigns that focus on the entire customer journey.

Pixated is a data-driven Amazon marketing agency that differentiates itself with bespoke strategies and comprehensive full-funnel management. Their proven track record is a testament to their expertise in guiding Amazon sellers towards their marketing goals. When you choose Pixated, you're opting for a partnership that's finely tuned to your unique needs, ensuring your success in the Amazon marketplace.

  • Industry experience: Consumer goods, fashion, electronics, and home & garden
  • Track record: 200% YoY sales increase, consistently achieved 10% ROAS
  • Services: PPC advertising, SEO, listing optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and customer service

Comprehensive full-funnel management

Strong emphasis on transparency and responsiveness in client communication

Customized strategies for your business

Pricing and features may change

Best for streamlined marketing


Sequence Commerce Website

Amazon Advertising | Content Marketing

Sequence Commerce is an Amazon advertising agency with a friendly, approachable team of experts who are all about helping brands thrive on Amazon. They offer a range of services, from catalog management and advertising to brand consulting.

What makes Sequence Commerce stand out is its dedication to staying in the know about the latest trends and best practices on the Amazon platform. They're a comprehensive Amazon marketing agency with a team of experts who specialize in the Amazon platform, and they're known for developing custom solutions tailored to your business goals.

  • Industry experience: Amazon marketing
  • Track record: +100% YoY sales increase, 50% reduction in ACOS
  • Services: Catalog management, advertising, brand consulting

Amazon experts with deep understanding of the platform

Wide range of services under one roof

Data-driven decisions for optimized campaigns

Lack of transparency in pricing and reporting

Best for expert catalog management


Parker Lambert Website

Amazon Ads | Marketing Strategy

Parker-Lambert is a boutique eCommerce marketing agency that works with brands of all sizes. They offer a wide range of services, including brand and catalog management, product launch strategy and execution, creative services, strategy and growth planning, advertising and promotion, product setup and maintenance, technical support, and demand generation.

What truly sets Parker-Lambert apart is their boutique approach to Amazon marketing. Their track record of success speaks volumes, and their Amazon Verified Partner certification emphasizes their commitment to transparent and open communication.

  • Industry experience: Amazon marketing
  • Track record: 85% ad sales increase, 14% increase in average order value
  • Services: Brand and catalog management, advertising and promotion

One-stop shop for all Amazon marketing needs

Personalized attention from a dedicated team of experts

Committed to transparency and communication

Boutique agency with premium pricing

Best for hands-off marketing


INDX website

Facebook Ads | IG Ads | Amazon Ads

INDX Agency is your go-to for all things digital media, consultancy, and training. Their team specializes in a wide range of services, from paid search and social to display ads, SEO, and eCommerce strategy. With INDX Agency, you're equipped with the right tools and experience to achieve exponential Amazon growth.

What truly sets INDX Agency apart is its leadership in the world of Amazon marketing. Their team of seasoned experts, with extensive experience working alongside global brands, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and they're known for meticulously crafting and executing campaigns.

  • Industry experience: Amazon marketing
  • Track record: 40%+ growth YoY, £100k sales in the first year
  • Services: Keyword research and optimization, product listing optimization, Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands campaigns, Amazon Stores, Amazon PPC management, Amazon SEO, Amazon A+ Content

Experienced and knowledgeable Amazon marketing team

Focused on results and data-driven decision-making

Comprehensive range of Amazon marketing services

Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes

Not ideal for very small businesses with limited budget

What does an Amazon agency do?

An Amazon marketing agency's main task is to help brands increase their sales on Amazon. That can be broken down into several different digital marketing services.

Ad creation & campaign management

Some agencies deal with Amazon PPC and manage the various advertising campaigns for the brand (sponsored products or sponsored brand campaigns). These Amazon companies would manage your ad spend, monitor your advertising performance through a dashboard, and ensure your budget is spent efficiently. They would also monitor your ads and make sure they're delivering the results you expect.

Audit & Optimization

Some agencies also audit the account and help with conversion optimization on the brand's store page. Some agencies deal with what's known as Amazon SEO—helping optimize product listings to rank higher in the organic search results. After all, Amazon is one giant search engine, and it comes with its own set of search engine optimization strategies to get your products to appear in the product search.

Account Management

Some agencies function like eCommerce managers and manage the channel. They take care of the fulfillment and customer service, make sure the customers leave product reviews, and open tickets with Amazon's support team.

Reporting & Analytics

It's also really important to stay on top of your data and see how well each tactic is working. You can create custom reports or view insights like your click-through rate and conversion rate of each marketing campaign. A really good Amazon advertising agency would catch problems from the data and optimize your product ads accordingly.

Why use an Amazon marketing agency?

Amazon is one of the world's largest marketplaces, with over 197 million monthly visitors, 6.3 million sellers, and more than 310 million active users overall. It's a world in itself. For eCommerce brands looking to expand their customer base on this vast platform, it's crucial to master a myriad of digital marketing strategies.

The thing is, a brand might already be juggling multiple channels, such as Google Shopping, social media ads, or Google display ads. But when it comes to Amazon, they might lack the resources or the experience needed to truly fine-tune their marketing efforts. It's like having a complete toolbox but needing the right expert to use those tools effectively on Amazon's unique stage.

When navigating the Amazon marketplace, having a specialized agency by your side can make all the difference. They're there to provide the perfect advertising services and expertly manage your Amazon Seller Central. With the right strategy, you can unlock a treasure trove of extra revenue on Amazon—you just need someone who knows the ropes to guide you. That's where an expert agency comes in, ready to lead you on the path to success.

Questions to ask your Amazon agency

  • Have you worked with other brands in our niche? What were your results?
  • What services do you offer? Advertising management? Product optimizations?
  • Which strategies would you recommend based on our business goals?
  • Have you worked with similar ad budgets?
  • What is your approach to bid optimization?
  • What's your percentage of success at getting us to the buy box?
  • Would you create Amazon posts for us?
  • Do you have an in-house creative team? Or would you need us to have a designer to create product images?
  • Do you have content writers on your team that would optimize each product description, or would we need to have an in-house writer?
  • What is your combined experience on the platform?
  • Which key performance indicators (KPIs) would you be tracking?
  • How often would you report your results? And how often would we have meetings?

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