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Fiverr vs. Mayple - The Ultimate Comparison

How is Fiverr different from Mayple? We've got vetted experts, ongoing monitoring, state-of-the-art reporting tools, and much more. Here's what you need to know.

Omer Farkash
By Omer Farkash
Natalie Stenge
Edited by Natalie Stenge

Published November 20, 2023.

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Remember when Fiverr first came out?

The marketing world went crazy. You could get literally anything for only $5 🤤.

Fiverr was definitely at the forefront of the gig economy and forever changed the face of the world of digital marketing. And there’s been a lot of great marketers and graphic designers that have made their living on the platform.

But... the biggest drawback of Fiverr is that it’s really built for a very specific use case. It’s perfect for one-time projects.

And if a brand is looking for a long-term TikTok ads expert to manage their ads for the next 6-12 months, they’re probably not going to go looking for them on Fiverr.

And that’s just one of the many use cases that Mayple is perfect for. So what’s the difference between Fiverr and Mayple?

Get ready for the ultimate comparison.

Let’s dive in.

Talent Matching

First, let’s talk about talent matching.

Fiverr doesn’t match you with the right experts

Fiverr doesn’t really match you with freelancing. When they say matching they’re talking about their filtering feature. Here’s how it works:

You search for a service, and then the system displays freelancers/gigs based on the freelancer’s availability, pricing, service, and skillset.

  • Can’t filter based on niche-specific experience ❌
  • Don’t really know if they are any good ❌
  • Can’t verify their skillset in any tangible way ❌

So it’s not a matching engine, it’s a filtering feature.

Mayple matches you with the best talent for your project

Here at Mayple, we look at 50+ parameters when we match you with the right expert. We make sure they have the experience you need, the specific skills, experience, and proven results in your niche. We also look at the expert’s communication skills, reporting, workload, and even personality.

And at the end of this process, our system recommends 2 of our best experts and you get to jump on a call with both of them, review their marketing plan for your project, and pick the one you like best.

It’s an easy process - no more hours spent on messaging freelancers, negotiating prices, and finalizing contracts without even knowing what marketing strategies they would use to scale your business.

  • Work with the most experienced marketers in your niche ✔️
  • Get matched to people with proven results ✔️
  • Meet your expert before you start the project ✔️

Up next, vetting.

Talent Vetting

Fiverr doesn’t vet their freelancers

There’s no entry exam to start offering your services on Fiverr. There’s no interview, no assessment of any kind. Whoever makes the most eye-catching profile and gig page wins.

And then there’s this thing called Fiverr Pro where they take the best freelancers, verify their work, and give them a special badge and more opportunities to work with larger clients.


Fiverr Pro is nice, it’s a step in the right direction of prioritizing quality but it still doesn’t provide that much information. The three biggest drawbacks are that you are:

  • Not sure if the freelancer has experience in your niche ❌
  • Not sure if they have the specific skills you’re looking for ❌
  • Can’t verify their experience (and past results) with the marketing channel/platform you need ❌

Fiverr is for finding generalists, not skillsets or niche-specific experience

Because Fiverr has become such a beauty contest (I’m talking about the gig images) it’s really hard to find a freelancer with a specific skill set or competency with a particular tool or marketing platform.

For example, if I search for “email marketing”, I get 22 top-rated freelancers. I don’t know which niches they've worked on, or what their results have been, so I have to spend several hours messaging them.


If I search for “Mailchimp”, I see 4 top-rated sellers. So it’s a hit-and-miss. Each brand or business owner has to spend hours communicating, picking, and looking at portfolios to pick a freelancer to work with.

With Fiverr you:

  • Pick freelancers based on their number of reviews ❌
  • Pick talent based on who responds to you first ❌
  • Pick people with the most eye-catching gig images ❌

Mayple matches you with the perfect expert

On the other hand, at Mayple we have already vetted all our experts and you don’t have to spend hours looking through their portfolios. It’s an easy 3-step process.

  • Step 1 - tell us what you need ✔️
  • Step 2 - our AI matches you with the 2 best experts (based on 50+ factors) ✔️
  • Step 3 - get on a call with them, and pick one ✔️

Ongoing strategic advice

Fiverr doesn’t offer a dedicated account manager for you to bounce ideas off of. If you want to get some kind of marketing consultant to oversee your overall marketing strategy you need to order it as a separate service (read: spend 3 hours messaging freelancers back and forth).

With Mayple, you also get a dedicated Growth Strategist whose job it is to look over your account regularly and help you find growth opportunities, new channels to expand to, and ways you can use your marketing budget more efficiently.

Here’s an example of a growth strategy meeting with our client, Mayple’s growth strategist, and the expert.


Short-term marketing gigs vs. a long-term solution

Fiverr helps you find quick short-term marketing fixes while Mayple helps you hire the best freelancers online to manage your project long-term.

Some of our experts have been working for 12-24 months with a client and they're still going.

And you know why? Cause they’re the best in the business. They get the results these brands are looking for.

For most areas of marketing, you need to collect data, and A/B test campaigns, in order to optimize your results. So the longer you work with an expert the better.

Mayple works with medium-enterprise clients

Fiverr started working with large enterprise clients recently, but on a very small scale. Mayple is built for all kinds of businesses. Our matching algorithm puts you in touch with the right expert that’s perfect for:

  • The type of business you have ✔️
  • Your niche ✔️
  • Your business stage ✔️

Here’s a marketing plan meeting with one of our large clients on their SEO campaigns.


Mayple’s solution enhances & replaces your in-house team

The challenge with using Fiverr is that those freelancers are for quick fixes or minor graphic design work. It’s difficult to predict if they are going to be successful long-term.

With Mayple, since all our marketers are vetted and hand-picked for your project, they can grow with your team. So as your team grows, the marketer can adjust their hours and scope accordingly and proves to be a very useful resource.

We even have several bundle packages that let you order multiple packages at once and help you literally build a team from scratch for all of your marketing needs.


  • Ability to assemble a team of experts ✔️
  • Bundle packages with 3-5 marketing services ✔️
  • No limit on the term of each project ✔️

Unlock your full growth potential with Mayple

Want to work with the right expert from the get-go?

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