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Mayple’s Top 11 Marketing Experts of 2020

Here are Mayple's top experts of 2020. These are the top ads experts, growth marketers, email marketers and eCommerce marketers that brought our brands to the next level.

Daniel Madrid Spitz
By Daniel Madrid Spitz
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Updated November 28, 2023.

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2020 has been a year full of surprises.

Mayple has experienced tremendous growth this year. We’ve been able to help many brands across different industries, niches, and countries. And we couldn’t have done it without our incredible community of marketing experts. These marketers are the secret behind every success at Mayple. They use their extensive experience and knowledge to help brands grow and become more profitable.

We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate some of our most successful marketing experts from last year. Here they are:

Michael Stancil

michael stancil mayple top marketer 2020

Working with Mayple has been incredibly rewarding, I've already taken on two great clients that have very challenging but fun goals, and I've got the support of the Mayple team behind me - that's a winning combination no other service for freelancers offers.

I've only been working with Mayple for a short time, but 2021 is going to be a great year thanks to them.

Dan Ben Nun

Dan Ben Nun mayple top marketer 2020

Working with Mayple is better than working with an agency because Mayple connects brands directly with the top marketing experts in the world at a fraction of the cost of an agency.

Since starting work with Mayple, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the fastest-growing DTC brands and leverage my expertise and experience to help these brands improve both the performance and profitability of their digital advertising campaigns.

Will Perry

Will Perry mayple top marketer 2020

Partnering with Mayple has helped us partner with some high-caliber Ecomm brands who seek the next level of expertise in their media buying and paid acquisition strategy. The Mayple team has been very supportive and helpful with communication and facilitating the client experience with us.

We're very grateful to have partnered with them in 2020 and we have driven some big-time results together.

Adam Kitchen

Adam Kitchen mayple top marketer 2020

Mayple's professionalism and dedication to ensuring success for both the client and contractor is both refreshing and rewarding. We get to focus on doing what we do best - email marketing - while they handle the heavy lifting on all other aspects. It's a win-win for both parties and results in maximum success for all. Love it!

Marion Tafoiry

marion tafoiry mayple top marketer 2020

After several years working for a multinational advertising agency, Mayple has been the first 100% online agency which allowed me to connect with my first client and to become an independent marketer.

The vetting process to join the Mayple network and the matching selection with an advertiser has given the confidence to both my client and me that my expertise matches their business needs.

Beyond the connection with advertisers, I have joined a community of like-minded experts which has been very helpful for networking, sharing ideas, problem-solving, and skills development. Mayple seems to be a pioneer in this new 100% remote way of working and networking with this agency model 5.0.

Jesus Noguera

jesus noguera mayple top marketer 2020

Mayple does a great job vetting both consultants and clients. Their platform and people make the whole process easy and seamless, with instructions, reminders, and follow-ups along the way. And they are great people to communicate with!

Kobi Naim

kobi naim mayple top marketer 2020

I've been working with Mayple since they first launched their services, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my professional journey. Mayple helped us dominate the Real Estate field, connecting us with some of the biggest firms, who became our top clients for years now (and still counting).

But the best part of Mayple is definitely the people. In all my 20 years of Digital Marketing, I've never seen so many talented and warm people gathered all in one place, and I totally enjoy every moment of working with them. Thank you Mayple!

Dvir Lifshits

dvir lifshits mayple top marketer 2020

I haven't seen so many professional marketers in one place! If I could choose a bunch of people to save the world, it would be Mayple's Freelancers. Mayple is where you actually get value for your money.

Igor Zvagelsky

igor zvagelsky top marketer mayple 2020

I can proudly say that together with Mayple, I've accomplished some of my most successful projects so far. Mayple's ability to match you with projects that fit your skillset and experience bundled with professional client management guarantees a successful business engagement both for the clients and marketers alike.

Here’s to many more success stories to come!

Jason Garrett

Working with Mayple helps me focus on helping my clients grow while spending less time on reporting and administrative tasks. With their matching process, I know my expertise will be a great fit for the client, so we can spend less time onboarding, and more time focusing on growth.

Jason Garrett quote

Shreyas Sathe

Mayple has been very professional and supportive. Working with Mayple has always been a pleasure. I really enjoy the multicultural environment in terms of clients' portfolios and the team always makes sure that we together provide the best services to the clients.

From a digital marketing consultant's point of view, the best part is that all my projects can be tracked on the interface and the payments are processed automatically. I will definitely recommend working with Mayple.

shreyas sathe mayple top marketer 2020

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