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Top experts10 Best Paid Advertising Agencies in 2024Let's be honest; paid advertising is often at the heart of any thriving marketing strategy. But, to stay ahead of the competition, you must partner with the best and leverage their experience and expertise to your advantage. Here are the top 10 paid advertising agencies renowned for driving targeted traffic, maximizing ROI, and crafting innovative campaigns that set new industry standards. Our top picks for the best paid advertising agencies 1. Cedarwood Digital - Best overall 2. Common Ground - Best for personalized ad management 3. Tale Digital - Best for results-focused online marketing 4. ThinkSocial.Media - Best for strategic digital marketing services 5. AdCore - Best for performance-driven PPC advertising 6. Sortino Marketing - Best for results-oriented SEO marketing 7. 360 Om - Best for customer-focused paid social advertising 8. Pixated - Best for specialist Facebook and Instagram advertising 9. Sensters - Best for results-oriented digital marketing 10. SEM Booster - Best for in-depth SEM marketing What is a paid advertising agency? Paid advertising agencies, also known as PPC or SEM agencies, specialize in creating and managing online ad campaigns targeting a broad audience. They excel at crafting compelling ad content, optimizing budgets, and maximizing ROI. In essence, a paid advertising agency is a strategic partner for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and generate leads through various online advertising strategies. These strategies encompass platforms like Google Ads, social media advertising, and more, with the ultimate goal of increasing brand visibility and revenue through well-executed ad campaigns. What do paid advertising companies do? Paid advertising companies help businesses manage their paid campaigns on various platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Shopping, to name a few. They could also have experience in organic search (search engine optimization) and social media marketing. Most importantly, they help you reach potential customers and hit your business objectives. Is paid advertising worth it? Online paid advertising is extremely valuable as it helps businesses generate traffic, increase leads, boost brand awareness, and hit business goals. Advertising campaigns can vary across different social media platforms and online marketplaces. Most importantly, it's a very efficient digital marketing strategy that helps businesses reach their target audience and acquire relevant traffic. Some business owners set up their own advertising campaigns, while others use a digital marketing agency or a specialized advertising agency to manage the campaigns for them. What is the biggest form of advertising? The biggest form of advertising is Google Ads. It takes a variety of forms, including Google Shopping, traditional Google Ad campaigns (Google Adwords), native advertising, and programmatic ads. The second biggest is by far all the various social media ads, which include: Facebook AdsInstagram AdsPinterest AdsTikTok AdsTwitter AdsLinkedIn AdsSnapchat Ads Why should you use a paid advertising company to handle your campaigns? There are so many benefits of using a digital agency to manage your advertising campaigns. Here are a few of the top ones: Niche-specific expertise Most ad management companies have specific expertise in particular niches. For example, through Mayple, you can find an ad management agency that has worked with other brands in your niche and has advertised similar products. If you're a shoe company, you want to work with PPC experts who know apparel like the back of their hand. Thorough knowledge of trends Professional digital marketing companies stay current with all the latest trends and ever-changing advertising tactics. They can use a wide range of techniques to improve your marketing campaigns. Proven experience An experienced advertising agency knows the type of advertising campaigns you should launch and the best tactics to optimize them. They know how to improve your conversion rate to get you more clicks, which keywords you need to use, and how to attract high-converting customers. How to choose the best online advertising company for your business Ask about their portfolio and results Ask them which businesses they've worked with and what kind of results they've gotten. Always base your decisions on data; don't rely on their fancy reviews, sales pitches, or slide decks. Make sure to see the type of campaigns they've managed in the past. Make sure they have experience in your niche Make sure that they've worked with similar businesses in your niche and that they know the type of audience you're targeting. They don't need to have decades of experience, but having industry experience is super important. Get a marketing plan It's always a good idea to give the PPC agency you're interviewing a test assignment. We would recommend having them write out a marketing plan for your account. Have them outline some of the advertising strategies they would use for your business, how they plan to improve your conversion rate, and how they plan to better match the offer with the needs of your prospective customers. Questions to ask your paid advertising company How many clients do you have?What other digital marketing services do you offer? How will you help us meet our marketing goals? Which advertising platforms are you most experienced in? Which type of ads are you most familiar with? Google Ads? Google Shopping? Facebook Ads?What would you change in our landing pages, creatives, and copy?What type of growth do you see us hitting in the next 3 to 6 months?How big is your marketing team?Who will be our point of contact? How much do paid advertising companies charge? Advertising companies charge based on the range of services they offer. Usually, it's a fixed fee plus the advertising spend (which is paid to the particular advertising platform they're using). If you need a consultation, then they would charge you an hourly rate or a consultation fee.